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ok that was a big post and I think that my eyes are going to fall out now, good though.
I think that this guy has decided to concentrate on Beckhams good points but fails to mention that his sweet free-kick has only succeede once for England versus Colombia.
Don't get me wrong I think that Beckham is awesome for Man U but my problem is that he does not do the same for England. The difference between him and Macca is that Macca has been scrutinised much more as people expect him to get past players all the time and ignore the fact that he runs all day and rarely gives the ball away.

I'd say that Rivaldo is better than Beckham but the gulf has decreased and is less than a lot of people will say. If you talk about attitude then the thing is that the author of the piece did not say about the legendary Beckham temper.

One last thing, I think that Beckham should be left alone, Give repect where it is due, he loves his wife and kid dearely and this is plain to see. It sets a good example and remember that he lives in a goldfish bowl.
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