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I am feeling very very strange right now.I am glad we won today but i am somehow very disappointed.(not at the win)
I cannot understand this.
It's been for the past month i guess.
DOes any Juve fan feel this way too?
We play well yes and i will be very glad to win the scudetto. Cuz we have worked hard all season. However something seems to be missing at the moment.
Maybe it's lastweek's loss still affecting me.
I believe a dark cloud is over Serie A right now.
I can't wait till Juve win CL next year.
I am disappointed because some players who started the season so promisingly are now really really faltering.
Tacchinardi, Zidane , Inzaghi, (Zambrotta).
Juve should have wrapped this up a long time ago . With a Flash and Bang. the players are professionals and want to win the championship but are they really happy?
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