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Forum Rules and Guidelines - Must Read Before Posting

This forum is created under immense demand from the members who make up Xtratime community what it is. Having experienced what it means to have politics in the site, we have kept a long standing rule for no politics.

Changing our stance was not an easy decision, thus, we have written up rules and guidelines in addition to the standing Xtratime Rules to avoid glutting the boards and the ensure an intellectual and responsible discussion of politics here. We have taken some of the rules of the "debate forum" and Glen's as a model. This forum's another porpuse is to keep politics completely off Xtratime's other forums, which many members have tended to ignore recently.

We will assume that everyone who enters this forum and posts, has read the rules and guidelines listed below. Violations to them will result in being blocked from this forum with only one previous warning.

Also, we need to remind that these rules and guidelines are subject to change and if the forum members do not respect them, we will close the forum permanently and continue with our strict no politics rule immediately.

This forum will be and treated as a seperate entity from the rest of Xtratime, thus no politics in the rest of Xtratime still is valid including signatures, avatars and custom titles. As much as we do not expect, we will not allow potential arguments and conflicts spill over to the rest of Xtratime.

***Rules and Guidelines***

1) Some questions to ask yourself before starting a new thread:

a)Am I introducing a topic that's not being replicated in other threads?

b) Is my thread-starter politically relevant AND newsworthy?

c) My thread is intentionally rhetorical, but is it backed up by new info, facts, or news items?

2) When replying; it's essential that the users of this forum understands that opinions can differ. When responding to an opinion one deems to be bunkers- one must remember this and attempt a debate that can be oriented towards compromise. Oneliners such as great post is OK once in a while, but it's alot better to add to the debate instead.

3) It's fine to disagree, and to say that another ones argumentation doesn't hold up. But leave room for the discussion to progress just the same. At some point- the point will be reached where people understand eachothers views- and then disagree or agree as it suits them.

4) For example, "Clinton Sux" and "Bush Sux" threads are not acceptable unless you have new and interesting info as to why they suck. The moderators will lock any threads that we feel serve no purpose.

5) You cannot start a thread or make a post with an article and leave the article as it is without any analysis of your own. Everybody should take the trouble to construct their own arguments and use excerpts from articles (quotes) to authenticate their reasoning. Remember, this is a debate forum, not a news site. We will lock or delete threads of such nature.

Where an article is absolutely essential, a link will suffice.

6) You are not permitted to use foul language for shock value, or to attack a fellow poster, or in such a way that it is totally out of context and unnecessary. Should your use of foul language be complained about, action will be taken.The key aspect of successful interaction in a community comprising any set of members is respect. All participants, want to be respected, regardless of their heritage, geographical location, age, gender, financial situation, political background and culture.

7) The Political Debate Forum is not for jokey threads. It's for serious topics that people can have through talks about. It's for intellectual discussions.

++ Sanctions
Should you fail to comply with the forum guidelines, action will be taken to protect the debates and the intellectual discussion expected from each participant.

- - Warning

The first indication about your wrongdoing you shall receive through a warning from a moderator. Make sure you understand the warnings and respect them because only after the first one, you will be blocked from this forum.

- - Blocking

Members who we assume have read these rules and guidelines and who have ignored the first warning, will be blocked from seeing and entering the Political Debate forum. Do not expect to see any tolerance to bans after the one warning.


Welcome to the Political Debate forum and above all enjoy your through discussions.

XT Crew


A Reminder to All Participants
The forum has been going well so far with few exceptions. There have been occasions in which members have gone beyond what we instructed as acceptable. We will ban those troublemakers from this forum straight away if they continue to do so because we dont want anyone to ruin it for those who are having respectful debates.

Something we would like to ask you is not opening threads about the sides you hate just for the sake of making them look bad. For example, one opens threads about Israel-Palestinians- Americans because they have got big issues with their status. These threads usually turn into a propaganda and we will close them.

The porpuse of this forum is DEBATE, and if you are looking for a place to let out your frustrations, then please find another platform because Xtratime Political Debate Forum is reserved for INTELLIGENT, RESPONSIBLE DEBATES AND DEBATES ONLY.

Whenever you open a thread, you have to be analytical as to what you say and responding well supported arguments with one liners is NOT acceptable because it does not add anything to the debate itself but most of the time, fuel further problems and provoke.

Thanks everybody and hopefully, everything will be like we designed and hoped it to be and we will not have to put the lock on the forum and continue with the strict no politics formula. We are very glad to have this forum, but at the same time, we will do whatever is necessary and prevent any frustrations among the members.
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