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Raul Gonzalez - my opinion

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I have read part of that very long topic on Raul and I just wanted to post my opinion, and it sounds like this - Camacho! You moron! Everyone knows I'm a Madritista and Raulista especially, so I can never sya anything bad about him, but I amdit, one thing he is terrible at is penalties. I mean come on! Remember against Dinamo Kiev and others! Raul has always sucked in taking penalties and I simply don't get it, how that moron Camacho didn't know that. With the current situatuion on the field, that we had, the obvious choice was mr Pep Guardiola. I was so shocked when I saw my idol with the ball and you don't have to guess I precicted a miss. I didn't think he'd overshoot it, but I thought that crap iof a goalie Barthez would get lucky again. And it happened. No one can blame Raul though, or in other words, everyone should forgive him, because he is by far the best thing Spain have had in a while, so it has to be forgotten. But never should he take a penalty again!!!:(
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I think I would have let anyone take the penalty before Raul!Reminded me of Baggio for some reason! =)

According to Alfonso, they looked to Guardiola to take it but he was too tired or didn't look up to it. Right then, Raul lined up to take it.

The whole scenario was a blur. It happened to fast! In any case, you're right, no one should give him sh*t for this. In fact, it could very well make him a bigger player. I think you have to know failure to be able to appreciate the win. In this case, it will make the taste of final victory all the more sweeter when it comes.

Reminded me of Baggio for some reason!
Man, it's all about the press.I just hope all the press ****e will not be too much for Raul.I mean, everybody gave Baggio hard time about the miss and they are forgetting that it wasn't a crucial penalty.The Italians were already 3-2 down, and if Baggio scored, the next Brazilian could clinch the victory for them.On the other end, Bergkamp missed a penalty in 99 FA Cup semis in 90th minute with the score 1-1, and ManU wins the game and the cup in the end.And now, no one remembers that, because the press didn't mention it too much.And Bergkamp, a great person like he is, said he would never take a penalty again.And Raul must do the same!!!
Actually I can't agree. I think Raul should take a penalty the first opportunity he gets, just to have it behind him. He has to regian confidence and the best way to do that is kill the demons themselves. Score a penalty. The only bother is , what will happen if he misses again :mad: that would really suck, but i can't see it happening. After he does score the press will haunt him for a while, and say why now, not then?, but in the end it will be for his good. But after that it's Savio with the penalties all the way!:)
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