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Raul!!!!!! 5 years more!!!:))))))))))))))))))))!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The great news came in last night! Raul has signed a 5 year deal, which will keep him at the Bernabeu till 2005! Yessssssssssss! HE will earn 6 mln $ a year and the release clause is now 170 mln$!!! Just try Berlusconi:):):):D:D:D:D
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That's good news!!!
I didn't know his contract was ending this year. Anyway, it's no surprise, I never thought Raul would leave and I'm sure Sanz would give whatever it took to make sure.
Geez....check out that buy-out clause! He's here for life! =)
labas, it was actually Juve who were trying to sign him, not Milan. Berlosconi owns Milan, Agnelli owns Juve. This is a shame, I am a Juve fan. I knew Raul would never leave but I could only dream of him taking over that pathetic Inzaghi. Anyways, congratulations, he is a legend!!
Yes, I think we are all relieved now that Raul have settled his future in Real Madrid:).
Raul is lifetime player in Real, that is sure. Why would he go to another club?:):):):):) NO REASON!
Actually his contract ended in 2002, but I was already getting worried and indeed I am delighted to see him rolonge it. The buy ouit clause is massive and is adequate to his value. At last!:D
Yeah, with that buy-out clause, he isn't going anywhere. Teams would have to sell 90% of their squad for that!
hey, he's signed for only 5 years, so he may leave the club, when he's 28 for free:mad: And don't go around saying he's unbuyable, because SanSiro will ust come back into this forum and tell us all, how berlusconi can buy anyone:)
Come on labas, you know that Raul will never leave Real ! You never now something for sure these days in football but a transfer of Raul will never happen. He will stay in Madrid 4 ever ! Hopefully he will change team in Madrid sometime :rolleyes:

Oops,i was dreaming :D
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