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After viewing Real madrids justified win in the final comes her my "objectiv" rating of the players. ( I useing the italian scale wich highest level is 8,5 (9?) )

Iker Casillas - 6
Didn´t have much to do in the match. Despite his age looked very confident and stable.

Ivan Campo
Aitor karanka
Ivan Helguera - 6,5
These player looked very good at both their feets and their heads. Valencia came nowhere in the areas that involved this players.

Robert Carlos - 7,5
In the first half was he the best player on the field. Looked maybe a little bit tired in the second half or maybe his orders was more defensive. Probably the best offensive line-back in the world.

Fernando Redondo- 8
The king of the match. Smart, creative and extremely strong. A fair player that could send anyone down for a count. Even do it doesn’t seems that he run a lot he always looks to be in the right position to stop the ball.

Michel Salgado – 6,5 Very good two-way player. Excellent fighting spirit at the first goal and outclassed Kily Gonzales totally.

Steve McManaman –7,5 Run all over the field and more then often stole the ball. Beautiful goal and a performance that should consider him as given in England’s Euro 2000 campaign.

Fernando Morientes -6,5 Scored the most important goal and showed good team-spirit. Not a brilliant attacker but an excellent striker.

Anelka – 6,5 The childish kid has grown up and has develop an ability to pass the ball. Looks dangerous every time his near the goal.

Raul –7 A fabulous player with extreme super skills. Intelligent minded and surely one of the best forward in the world. I bow myself for him.

Even do I supported Valencia in this game and otherwise always have my heart with Lazio I must congratulate Real Madrid to this impressive Champions league win. My favourite one in your crusade was your exceptional win at Old trafford against Man U.

So for a couple of days forza Real
But forever forza Lazio

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Thank you, that was very noble and we appreciate it.

Good luck for next year. :)
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