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this my vote to the players for this black season:

mondini: 4. he was without job before coming to samp. bellotto called him to substitute casazza, but he never plaied well. i remember just one good keep: against ternana. he is no able to stay in sampdoria.
sakic: 3. very negative season. a lot of mistakes. we took a lot of goals because of him.
grandoni: 6. he has to be stronger. he always plaied less than he could do
conte: 7. the last of defense. great heart. he commetted some mistakes, but in the general confusion it was normal that he didn't play well sometimes. his goal against messina is already in the legend
lanna: 6,5. he has fought like a lion. with attilio, conte and flachi is the only one who understand what means sampdoria
vasari: 3. he never plaied
sanna: 6,5. great courage. he always fight in the middle of ground
bernini: 7. quality and quantity. one of those that save us from serie C
marcolin: 5. too slow. very attached to our colors, but too much evident his limits
possanzini: 4,5. very negative season. we attend so much more from him
flachi: 8. 16 goals. immense. his class doesn't need any words. the best player of serie B. the only foward in sampdoria. simply the best
luiso: 3. he never scored!!!! most negative player of sampdoria, with vasari

bellotto: 5. he went to sampdoria in a very difficult situation. he was good to bring sampdoria out of initial chrisis, but he was no able to lead sampdoria for all the season. he risk to bring us in serie C

special thank to attilio lombardo, one of us, forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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As usual I completely agree with you.
I just add those who hardly played:
Zivkovic: 8 the worst team ever seen in a professional league, but he always struggles and sometimes he scores with amazing (for him :D ) goals.
Cucciari: 5.5 a normal player.
Esposito: 5.5 sometimes he showed something, not enough.
Manighetti: 5.5 see Cucciari
Jovicic: 4 probably he is not that bad, but when he had a chance he never showed it.
Casazza: 4 maybe he cooks very well.
Tricarico: 2 he only runs... and not so much.
Jurcic: 0 he even does not run at all!
Stendardo: -1 really bad and then he tried to leave Sampdoria playing a sort of "Napolitane Comedy". He should shame on himself.
Strada no rating he arrived too late and could not show anything.
I hope I did not forget someone
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