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Well the WC is over for us...let's rate the players for their performances in the WC

Buffon: 6 Saved a penalty, but looked pretty helpless on all the other goals scored against us
Panucci: 5 No good crosses, bad positioning
Cannavaro: 7.5 Our best player, always there
Nesta: 7 Same as Cannavaro
Maldini: 6 A few bad games in the beginning but played well against Korea...
Zambrotta: 7 Very promising, attacked a lot and was everywhere, even ESPN had an article on his improvement:)
Tomassi: 5 Cut your hair and shave your beard so you can think better
Zanetti: 4 Didn't do a single thing right...why he was chosen over Ambrosini or Fiore is beyond me
Coco: 5.5 Didn't really play enough for me to judge
Doni: 5 Major flop
Gattuso: 6 Actually impressed against Korea, besides that he didn't really play much at all
Totti: 5.5 Maybe in Euro04 he'll fill the promise
Inzaghi: 5.5 Again someone who did absolutely nothing besides two disallowed goals
Vieri: 6.5 Without him we'd have drew against Ecuador...but he missed too many chances against Korea
Del Piero: 6 Thanks for the goal against Mexico, and...
Montella: 6 Didn't play more than half an hour
Di Livio: 4.5 ACK
Materazzi: 5 We all know what happened
Luliano: 5.5 Solid against Korea

The others didn't even play, right?
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