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I dont know about you but i think this man is one of the most important coaches in Türkiye at this very moment....maybe even the most important!

The young players he finds for his U21 team are the ones that will sooner or later play for the bigger clubs in Türkiye and eventually in our senior NT.

This means that if Rasit hoca doesnt do his job well Turkish football wont be as successful as it can become.

I think Rasit hoca has done an awesome job until now and is still doning a great job....we all remember the U21 team 2-3 years ago and he has something going now as well.....but it was Senol Günes who managed to destroy maybe the most talented U21 team in Türkiye and perhaps in Europe as well!

Now Ersun hoca has to pick up the scraps of what's left of it!

Anyways....when the time is mature i think Rasit hoca would be the perfect man for the senior team because this man practically knows every talent in Türkiye.

The only downside is that this means that we have to find someone else to replace his job as the U21 coach....which like i said earlier is a very important position!
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