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If you want some laughs

A tense political situation and brutal weather make the country a hard sell on the whole. Plus, as the U.S. Embassy puts it bluntly, “The Russian government maintains a restrictive and complicated visa regime for foreigners who visit.” Pass.

Easily the worst of the former Soviet republics, this place is ruled by a dictator and photography is forbidden everywhere you’d want to take a picture. Oh, and Minsk has been named the worst city in all of Europe.

We feel sorry for Moldova, as it’s easily Europe’s most forgotten country. With fewer than 150,000 annual visitors, it’s one of the least-visited nations in the world. Its people are also among the least happy on Earth.

North Macedonia

Perhaps no nation is worse off now than North Macedonia, which you’ve never heard of and will never visit. Among many lingering issues, corruption is an enduring issue here and it’s one of the most polluted countries in Europe.

Montenegro is mostly known for its extremely aggressive drivers, who have rightfully been described as “insane.” Also, according to TripAdvisor, the country’s architecture “is not, in the main of an imaginative or attractive style.” Translation: It’s pretty ugly.

If you’re the type who vacations for the sleep, this is your destination. There’s so little to do here that you can sleep for days without feeling guilty or missing anything.

Bosnia and Herzegovina
The problem is how incredibly difficult it is to get around, thanks to a dearth of major highways and poor road conditions. Better brush up on those donkey-caravan-passing skills.

This place is about as depressing as you’d imagine for a former Soviet republic — and one where the greatest nuclear disaster in history took place.

In Bulgaria, you nod your head when you mean no and shake it for yes. But other than this confusing quirk, it’s a great place with a deep history.

We largely forgot Albania existed until about 5 minutes ago. No offense, it’s just a really small country surrounded by more interesting countries. And no one has ever said, “Gee, I really wish we’d visited Albania this time.”

Not to be confused with souvlaki, the delicious Greek barbecue dish, Slovakia is somewhere in Europe, we’re sure of it.

Much of its identity is wrapped around a guy named Vlad the Impaler (the original Dracula). Honestly, we’re into it.

Many will scoff at this ranking, saying Serbia isn’t even located in Europe (it’s some vast tundra of middle Russia, right?) Make friends with a Serb and drink to your health.

Kudos to Lithuania for telling the Soviets to shove it back in 1990 and starting the breakup of that union.

While this Baltic state might not show up on anyone’s radar it’s home to some really interesting stuff. Its forests and generally unspoiled lands are unmatched in Europe.

It was the first country in the world to allow online voting in elections and has some of the world’s most mysterious meteorite craters. That has to count for something.

Czech Republic
Don’t call it Czechoslovakia, don’t put ice in your pilsner and certainly don’t refer to the region it’s in as Eastern Europe. It’s Central Europe, and you’ll get yelled at for arguing otherwise.

“Game of Thrones” filmed a lot of scenes along its Dalmatian coast. But considering the travesty that was the final season, that fact holds less appeal than it once did.

You definitely need an appetite when you travel in Hungary, as it easily has the most underrated food scene in all of Europe.

Yes, Poland is the fifth best country in Europe. And it’s on no one’s radar. Shine on, Poland.

Where would Western Civilization be without Greece? The sentinel of the Mediterranean gave us democracy, the Olympics, sunny days, the Greek Salad, the oldest written language still around and, according to Hollywood, big fat weddings.


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Portugal second, Germany and Hungary quite high as well ... UK almost on the last place ... it was written by szöv, wasn't it?
I suspected that as well, but then I saw Spain and Denmark at the top of the chart.

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With all the roasting going on for countries preceding it, I was surprised at the positive assessment of Romania.

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With all the roasting going on for countries preceding it, I was surprised at the positive assessment of Romania.
Romania is a nice country. Relatively safe and has many nice sights to see. The main issues are the gypsy problem and of course the vastly substandard rail network.
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