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If i rank the players i'll have to put most of them in the first pos. but after a long thinking here is my list.

1- Veron ( no argue )
2- Nesta ( " " )
3- Nedved (He has been scoring impotant goals and fighting like no one else)

4- Simeone ( I dont have to mention his effort in the last games. I would have selected him as 1 if he played more games.
5- Pancaro, Inzaghinho,

1- Inzaghinho
2- Sensini
3- Couto
4- Ravanelli
5- Favalli( hes not first choise when ***** and pancaro are fit).

This year even thow there are some I dont like to sound negative so i'll have to say no one cause we won the double and there are only three teams in italy who did that.)

The reason why i left Strikers out of my list is that we dont have any strikers in the top 10 of the league.

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