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I hardly call him a 'star' though.
(I edited the headline a bit meself)


The Lennox

Rangers star Maurice Ross was involved in a street brawl — just hours after opening his new pub in Alexandria.

The 23-year-old defender was involved in a scuffle in Balloch in the early hours of Sunday morning following an alleged slanging match with local revellers.

According to inquiries by The Lennox, the incident happened during a night of partying with teammate Stephen Hughes and a couple of other pals. Earlier in the evening, the Rangers pair had officially taken over The Highlander pub in Alexandria.

After leaving their new pub, they carried on to the popular Back Room nightspot in Balloch.

It was across the road, outside the Golden Star takeaway, that Ross is alleged to have become involved in a confrontation with a local girl before being set upon by two men.

A witness claimed: “I saw Mo Ross and this girl screaming at each other. She was giving him a bit of stick but he was pretty out of order as well.

“At one point he was even saying ‘do you know who I am?’ like a big shot.

“Next thing I know he was in a scuffle with two other guys and punches were being thrown.”

Another witness alleged: “There was an argument, and it looks as if a girl was hit by accident. She then lost it with Mo Ross and started battering him with a brolley.

“He was running away shouting and a bit of trouble kicked off.

“But the police came over quickly and separated it all. Mo then left in a taxi.”

A police spokeswoman said no complaints were made.

A reveller at the Back Room nightclub told The Lennox: “Inside the club they were pretty much keeping themselves to themselves.

“Maurice Ross left at about 2.45am and Stephen Hughes left just after 3am. I don’t think he realised what had just happened with Maurice outside.”

A Rangers FC spokeswoman said no one was available to comment.

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Where did this story get reported?
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