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Rafa's signings to date

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What do you think will happen with each of Rafael Benitez' signings to date? You might think Nunez is on his way out and you might think Alonso is going to be our key player for years to come


How do you rate his signings on the whole?
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benitez has changed the whole style and mentality of liverppol. the last 2 years of houllier became dark years. the style was boring and predictable and there were some dour sgnings. all of benitez's signings have shown signs of promise. some more than others but the future can be good. xabi alonso has stood out more than anyone. john arne riise and jamie carragher can be seen as new signings they have been transformed.

riise- back to the riise of old, the riise in his 1st season but now with more pace. makes harry kewell look stupid.
carragher- never used to be a big fan and never understood why he was a fullback but not at centre half he has shown how important he is. a true leader
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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