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Questions about MLS ?

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please post here questions about MLS and the 12 clubs involved.

I will try to dig an answer for you guys and gals.

BTW..., Newcastle and parma and Benfica are visiting MLS cities in 2 weeks.
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do you think any of the MLS teams could match up against teams over in Europe/ EPL/SerieA..YOUR THOUGHTS??

County derby was here last year and lost.
Newcastle will be here next month for 2 games.
parma and Benfica are said to be coming to NY soon.

the top 5 MLS teams can play any day -here or there- any team in the lower 10 teams of il calccio or premier league....even the spanish sides one the way to relegation are welcome Here.

No match for the teams in the CL or any other competition of high level.

Now the real question is to decide on the top 5 american clubs:
los angeles Galaxy
Kansas city Wiz
DC united
Chicago fire
Dallas or Tampa BAy?
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I not sure about the top 5 mls teams.I have not followed a whole lot of games..I live in Virginia..But they dont' always show DC united..
I have been to a coulpe of games last season.But know this season they are not doing very well.

Another question: Is the CL or Copa Uefa simply for Europen Clubs//Would they ever consider US teams to get involved?

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virginia cm., I do not thinkl that MLS should even consider any tournaments in Europe yet! They have to grow up to the point of being a top contender in Concacaf tournaments, then may be. They just declined an invitation to COPA MERCONORTE, The Conmebol's competition for teams out of copa Libertadores (the most prestigious Cup in the continent)

Dc united is only adjusting lines, after losing top stricker ROY lasiter and hard working soldier like Diego Sonora (arg.), they will be back on top in 3 weeks time, if not, Tampa Bay is ready to take the 5th spot.

tune in tonight for the game miami/DC U in lauderdale.........www.mlsnet.com

virginia has couple of decent teams and 2 fine soccer colleges! what team do you follow there on the weekends ?
Apparently HTS/espn2 show DC united's games but lately neither station have been showing any..I am not sure tonights game is on TV..
Ever since the league started Dc UNited was the team to watch..I make frequent trips to NY and I am able to catch the metrostars...
I do understand the Soccer here in the US is still building...I know it has become more popular but for some reason it still does not get the recognition it deserves...
cost cable company is Virginia will carry your games!
for 69.00 dollars you get at least 5 games a week, the 'shootout package'!

Next saturday: telemundo at 4pn has one game in dallas/galaxy and at 8pm ESPn will carry Dcu/NE (alvarez-ramos-parra and Jonny torres)
Palmero, here is a toughie...what would be your MLS XI, please try and be subjective as possible. I catch quite a few games but they never fill us in on who is playing well. That is the problem for me with the MLS, so much is concerned with the statistics (although I would like the save stat to be brought in to the European leagues).
best eleven in 2000?
or best eleven after giornata #10 ?

here is my opionion after yesterday results:

...........tony meola(435 minutes unbeaten)
chad M (tb)- lubos K (fire)-bocanegra (fire)-vaney (galx)
mids: Pibe (TB)- cienfuegos(galx)-Henderson (KC)- ted Eck (dall)
forwards: ante R (fire) - Molnar (kc)

super bench: Diallo(TB)- Klein(KC)- JOnes(glax)
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Henderson is a really good player and I have seen many games with him....
I notice from the fact that Lothar M is not in there that you he has not done very well for NY, I heared that he caused a stir with some comments.
LM ....ummmmh, We do not care about the german and his comments, is his lack of good games that we dislike. for his price tag, the metros could have hired 2 young latin or brazilian players to develop in USA.

LM...has always played next to 4 or 6 stars in europe, making him look good..He has a different grp in NY...and will not do well on his own! In fact the team is doing much better, now, that he is gone.

they came back to beat TB 0-2 at the half, to end up 3-2 with a golden goal....2 scores from el tren Valencia (ramos is healthy and Mark Chung on a roll)
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