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This doesn't have to do with US soccer, but I was wondering if any of you are from Las Vegas?
I'm going there in two weeks, so I was wondering if anyone has some tips?;) :D :D
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Last time I was there, it was 25 years ago! :D

What kind of tips are you looking for, my friend? ;)

You don't need tips for casinos. Look for coupons for free breakfasts and lunches.

Clubs? ;)

They have some of the best in the world! :dielaugh:
Well my friend, I was trying to get some tips, of places to visit (besides the casinos of course);) :D
Heres a good tip. Keep some money in your shoe and dont take it out till your on the plane home. This way you will have some left to buy the drinks.:D

These guys are always wise guys, don't take offense.

Any of the newer hotels on the Strip will be fine. Negotiate the price. Negotiate the price. Then negotiate the price. Don't settle for a room until it is almost cheap. Not only is negotiating a super way to save money to lose later, it is also intersting and keeps you from setting your sights on just one hotel! Be sure to visit manyothers. It is probably impossible now to see more than half of the hotels on a single visit.

I like going downtown. It's got a special cheesy charm that is lost on the strip. If you want to play the tables and just relax without a bunch of glitz, downtown is for you. Many stay on the strip and game downtown. Even now, quite a few people stay downtown.

I'm not much for shows, but the Circ de aulie (or some such) is pretty good. Others swear by the magic acts. All are too expensive for my tastes. Watching people is free!

Have fun.

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Thanks my good friend!!:D
There has been a litle change of plans, I'm going to visit L.A for one week, and then I0m going for the weekend to Las Vegas, I also want to spend two days in Arizaona visiting my litle sister
You're welcome, Espectro. Vist the US forum from time to time during the WC. Maybe we all will have some joys to share.

Good luck to your Ticos!

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