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did you watch the games of red star in champions league 8 years ago when they took place in sofia?
what do you think about ljupko petrovic?
what about kovacevic performance againsta levski?

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I missed the matches of Zvezda, I watched them on TV and it's not like being on the stadium. I was at Stara Zagora at that time. But this year I went to Zvezda Montpellier. There were about 15 thousand people on the stadium, and if it took place later more people would come.
And Ljupko Petrovic is a great coach. Such coaches make a team with the material they have, not the opposite- make a team out of expensive stars. And before his coming to Levski I believed our players are crap if we exclude one or two. Also it was his contribution in the transfer of Pazin. He said he wanted Predrag for Zvezda years ago, but Partizan took him. He also brought Dragic (Vojvodina) and Milovanovic (Obilic) here. I'm sorry he left, but he will remind in the hearts of Levski fans forever. He is the onliest coach who made us love him after several matches (that's very short period of time for a coach to win the love of people on the stadium). Thanks to him we went further in the tournament, made nice performances against Hajduk Split and Juventus.
And Kovacevic was one of the best for Juve on the field. At this match there were three great players him, Zidan and Alexandrov. Kovacevic moved very well in the front, he made several attempts to dribble through our deffence, he succeeded in half of the cases. Yet he changed his position in the front and perplexed our deffence. And twice he escaped dreadfully bringing sorrow to us- the fans at the stadium. And we also must be sorry for the chances we missed. Anyway he did not start at the next match and up to minute 70 we were far better than Juve leading 0:1 in Torino, but Zidan entered, and later Kovacevic, so that Juve finally made two chances for goal in front our goal keeper. Yet we could have beaten 1:2 if the post did not save them. Before that our central forward was left alone against Van Der Saar, and later the ball crossed the goal line, but the referee did not see this. I never though we can play so well against Juve, all of it thanks to Petrovic, and the players who believed they can play as a teaam.
Thanks for your interest.
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