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Question on Dell'Alpi

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Does any of you guys know this.

First I hear that Juventus wants to refurbish Stadio Communale. Then I hear that they wanna build a new stadium just outside Turin. And now I hear that Juventus wants to buy dell'Alpi.

What is true? I sure hope for you guys that it is not the last cuz I personally think Dell'Alpi is the most FAN UNFRIENDLY stadium I've ever visited.(I've seen quite a lot)

It is a huge concrete hell, I think also for the players. That stupid track & field area is way out of time. I think Juve can attract more people if they leave dell'alpi.

Ciao Tutti
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Scream; It's a very interesting and delicate issue right now.
You're quite right that Delle Alpi is absolutely horrifying, but our problem is that the City of Turin seems hesitant to allow us to build our own stadium.
Mainly because they would have virtually no use for Delle Alpi anymore, and it would be very expensive for them to run it by themselves + Torino couldn't afford to pay the expenses singlehandedly. Another thing is that it would ALSO be very costly to demolish it in order to build other things.

As Juventus may not be allowed to build their own stadium there are talks going on about us buying Delle Alpi- tearing it down and building a 50.000 capacity stadium (which would suit the size of Turin better). In that case Turin needs to cover some of the demolition costs AND allow us access to a neighboring building area, as Juve want's to build a complex resembling that of Man.U and Chelsea with a Superstore, cinema, restarant, bar etc. etc in connexion with the new stadium (let's call it Scirea Ground :)).

Umberto Agnelli has made it clear that Juve wont go on the borsa before we have our own stadium, and as Juventus is progressing rapidly on the financial front we would be able to launch a MASSIVE introduction when we get it.

Last I heard the Mayor of Turin was not totally rejecting the Delle Alpi idea, but it was very difficult to reach an agreement considering the neighboring building fascilities.

I hope this has answered your question.

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What neighbours ? There are no neighbours so close to the stadium that there could possible be any problems for them.
Ugly or not, I still hope to visit Delli Alpi one day. :)
Well Ivers; As the city has been reluctant to grant Juve the right to buy neighboring building ground it appears to be a problem. I don't know the reasons for this, but U. Agnelli stated that as one of the main obstacles to the current schemes.

If I was manager at Juve and in charge of looking at a stadium which suits Juventus. Take a look at feyenoord stadium!! venue for euro2000 final on july 2.
It has a 50.000 capacity and was build in 1930's and was completely renovated in 1995.
It is great, stands close to the field, great atmosphere. It is the stadium which hosted ost european cup finals in europe, more then wembley, san siro, or any other stadium.

I'm sure Juventus remembers it, 26 november 1997 2-0 (2x Julio ricardo Cruz)..........

Thanx Glen, It reaaly gave me an answer!
If we are talking about a rebuilding of the Delle Alphi, there is no problems with the neighbours. The only problem is to buy the stadium.

Here is my suggestion to Agnelli: Build a superstadium on the roof of the FIAT factory ?!! There is all the space you need, and there can be no better way to advertise FIAT and Juventus.

Any better ?!!
Yeah! Let's build on the Fiat roof! :) It will be a great benefit for him! hehe
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