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Question For Official Roma Website

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Why the OFFICIAL ROMA WEBSITE hasn't an english version?all the teams has and we don't!is there a serious reason or they are just borried to do it?

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Because they do not give a ratzz azz about foreign Roma fans:rollani:

That could be a reason:rolleyes:
Parma have always had the best English section on their official website. They seem to have put alot of time and money into it. They even got a decent translator. Not like the mope translator at calciomercato who seems to have come directly from Altavista.com translation school.
Remo said:
Because they do not give a ratzz azz about foreign Roma fans:rollani:
I do :)

Coolioz said:
Thsnks collioz, you have one of the coolest Roma sites around...
Thank you :)
Great site Coolioz ,i download from there carlo zampa's files(i can understand why he hasn't an english version!).
But if someone want to take a ticket from other country what he does?
Remo,for them probably he must learn italian first!:confused:(and i don't think parma has more foreing fans than us).
Coolioz: the wallpaper section on your website is my favorite, you got some fancy wallpapers there, I like the artwork you've done with them. Pretty artistic shall I say:cool:
Paok, try here:

Thank you very much, I am happy to know that you like my Wallpapers :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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