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I just read on dailysoccer.com that the ref from the Juve vs Parma game is being brought before the FICG.
Since I am still learning about the League, does this mean anything at all??
I watched that game and lost my breath from that call!! I felt as though he wasn't watching the same game...
I looked at as many posts as I could find and didn't see any mention from anyone here.
I was curious about what they might or might do. If anyone can clue me in, I would appreciate it.

Go Lazio!!!!

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Yeah I heard about this to, I think it's good that some action
is taken in this case, although I am doubtful if it will have any
real meaning.

There has been so much protest against De Santis,
that it could not just be ignored anymore. They had to do
something, so now they bring him before the board to satisfy
the protestors.

What can they do... well it's more a question
of what WILL they do! And I suspect they will do nothing, they
will just say that there is no real evidence to support any claims
of wrongdoing.

Excuse me for being so cynical about this, but
I have just no more belief in justice in the serie A!!
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