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question about a Bulgarian player

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Who is this Alexandrov I hear about in Litex?
It is rumoured that FC Porto are interested in him. Is he good?bad?medium?


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He is in this years champions- Levski, and he is one of the best players in Bulgaria right now (also one of my favorites).
He was voted to be Bulgarian player #1 for the previous year (1991) mostly because of his matches against Juventus in the UEFA cup. He is a midfielder (he can play on the right wing or as a playmaker), and he covers quite a great space during the game. His technique is the best in here (he can do just about everything with the ball, and many defenders are already mad at him, but sometimes he plays over individually) and he possesses very good passing. He has a great spirit on the field and in Levski he has a great influence because he burns in the game.
I can only add that his first name is Alexander, and he was born in 1975. His nickname is Krivia (comes from his twisted legs :eek: ).
PS: Today the manager of Levski mentioned that only PAOK have asked for him, but there are rumours as well for Porto and Bordeaux. He said also that if his transfer is not finalized in the next two weeks, he is going to stay.
But if he has to leave I'd be glad if he joins you as long as you have a place for him, of course :)
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