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three cups ...copa italia , le scudeto , super copa
..guys ..give the world a break
do we think that there is no body but lazio int he world to win all these tropheys
to me i,m bored of that ..i,m going to support and loser team ....guess whom ??
well we are a pure champions ..thats it ....
3 champion ships to tell all the world that any team wanna compete with us must be from another planet
thanx u lazio for making me happy
thanx u veron

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I'm still hungy! I want Italian Supercup! How can remain 3 months without winning something? Let's play in Intertoto, begins in july...

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actualy i,m afraid to lose the competion spirit if we kept on winning every champion ship we logg in
god ...guys just give them a break ..hehehe
lazio how much we love u team
how much u r great

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The most important thing is the game - as long as Lazio can entertain me I don´t care about the titles.

Cragnotti will make sure we will always have a team that can entertain and with players like Lopez, Veron, Inzaghi, Nedved, Conceciao and Mihajlovic how can we fail to entertain ?!?!

I hope that Cragnotti will keep hiring coaches that promote attacking football instead of the Ancelottis and Trapattonis.
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