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PSV would like the services of Pierre Van Hooijdonk of Vitesse.
The transfer sum is reported to be 15 million guilders, Van Hooijdonk came to Vitesse for 11 million guilders.
PSV has already had negotiations about this transfer with Vitesse, and another is going to happen soon which probably going to finalise the transfer.

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Poor Michel....need a friendly shoulder to cry on ? By the way, I will be going to Arnhem this Sunday to see my favorite "Azzurri's" play against Turkey. What is the "Gelredome" look like ? (It's one of the few stadiums I've never been to so far).....

The Miss

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forza azzurri
italy will crush turkey!!!!!!!!!!
the miss:how come you like italy?
i thought you were from holland,anyway you can always visit the serie A forums.

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Miss, would you be so kind? ;)

Gelredome,you will see for yourself! :)
I already saw them preparing it for the matches, and it looks like Fort Knox!
Sux, where was the time when everybody could stand just outside the stadium, and feel the spirit which was inside the stadium, where the match actually was played?

I wont be in the center of Arnhem that day I think, those English hooligans will come and look for revenge against the Turkish fans. Though I aint Turkish of course, imagine that! but still...

But great, that you will be seeing Italy play!
I will go to Amsterdam the 21st of June, Holland-France! :) :) :) :)

Italy was supposed to stay in an hotel VERY close to where I live in Velp, and have their training complex in that neighbourhood aswell, but now I read in the VI that they will now stay somewhere else, and of course, that hotel in Velp, doenst know nothing anymore! :(

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