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PSG : BIG SPENDING TEAM, a new forward !

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PSG has bought another Forward, Marcelinho from Sao Paulo (not the one from corinthians).
Now they have spent more than £50M for the new season. It's probably the most impressive amount spent by a football club this summer (after barca and real). It's very impressive too, because french clubs are not allowed to have debts like spanish or italian ones.

Has anyone ever heard of that Marcelinho ?
And how good is the next (?) brazilian of Olympique Marseille, Fernando Baiano ?
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I dont know for that brazilian players but i believe that will be just fine christian and anelka in PSG with jay jay and roberto,dalmat,benarbia,it will be intristing race with monaco!!:cool:
PSG are really crazy at the beginning of this season!!!
And I think that Marcelinho is not their last buy. If they get a dissapointed result at the first game at the league, they will try to find another player to buy!

And, like I said at another topic, I've never heard about this Marcelinho!!
Hope he will be the good addition to PSG!! :cool:
marcelinho has been bought by marseille not PSG
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