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Promotions and Relgations, and Transfers

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Hello, does anyone know which team has been promoted to the Second Division?. I know Athletic Madrid B got relgated.

Also does anyone know a good web site on Spanish Football, which documents all the transfers for the new season. In English if possible.


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The b-team of Atlético relegated because their first team went to second division and they can't play in the same division.

For the transfers, check http://www.mercafutbol.com
It's not in English but you will understand, i do :)

If you wouldn't, here are some translations from me. Maybe it's not like in the dictionary but you understand it with this ;)

Fichajes : transfers
Altas : comes
Bajas : leaves
Seguros : for sure
Rumores : rumours (easy one :))

If i'm not wrong these teams promoted to segunda division : Racing de Ferrol, Real Murcia, Real Jaén and Univ. Las Palmas.
Getafe stayed in because our b-team relegated. They were so lucky ;)

For already a full list of teams in second division visit my website :)
You will only have this chance this year :D
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Cheers Kevin.

You have been a big help, do you also know about a young Japanese player at Atheltico Madrid, called Tamono?.



Tamono :confused:

I've heard this name, or something like it .. But i can't match the name with Atlético Madrid.
If he plays there, he is not even playing in the b-team i think.
What is his position, and is that his full name ?
Maybe he is very young and we loaned him out or something because i don't know this guy !
Are you sure he is JAPANESE or just has Asian roots?
Am sorry I don't know his full name, I heard hes in the youth team, and he has some potenial.

I think he is 16 years old, I don't know whether he has any Japanese roots. If hes does not play for Atlético Madrid do you know where?.

Thanks for the replys anyway,

I hope Atlético Madrid come straight back into the first division where they belong.

Maybe we will know him in a couple of years. 16 is still young. When we don't give him away i hope he'll show us his potential skills when he is good.
But we don't have a good reputation with our youth teams. We always give away, or let go our talents :mad:

They say you learn out your mistakes but Gil doesn't :(

But the man does also good stuff :)
If I played at Atletico B, I would despite the A team. Is this not the second time in as many years the A team has screwed them? Weren't B supposed to be welcome to the Premiera but couldn't for that same reason? Now, of course, they're relegated to the 3rd division (I don't think had a stellar season this year anyway, but still...).

Please correct me if I'm wrong.
Good things like Salva, labas ;)
He convinced him to go to Atlético, Salva sais this is in every interview. Don't ask me how he did, but Salva is playing with us :D

What can Atlético do about the fact that the league doesn't allow two teams from the same club in the same division ? It's not the fault of our a-team that the b couldn't promote. These are the rules !!
And when you play in the b-team you know that you aren't the most important. The most important team is the a-team and that is with every club. BTW : How many clubs did have their b-team in second ? :)
Well, Atletico were very unfortunate, because instead of having a team in the primera they now have both in the lower divisions. Just think though what would happen if the B team was indeed promoted last year...how would it look Atletico B in the Primera!? Yuk! In Holland you have Willem II Tiurg but that's not the same, Atletico isone of the biggest sides in Europe and they can't aford uch a humiliation although it happened anyway:D
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