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i am a great fan of ronaldinho and i would like to know his profile.
i.e.international debut
international games
internatiopnal goals
your thought on him

plus i would also like to know. did he score a hattrick against argentina?

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yes he did score a hat trick against Argentina
He mande his international dubut agaisnt Lithuania or venzeula not so sure.
Edilson got booted out of the brazilian team for being responsible for a massive fight between Corinthians x Palmeiras, then Luxemburgo called an unkown kid from Gremio who humiliated Dunga in the same day..at the Gaucho league final!
He came on agisnt Venezuela and scored one of the best goals of all itme...making a lovely chip, and then back heeling it with a volley. Sometimes he starts (like agaisnt uruguay) and sometimes he is on the bench for brazil.
Still has to mature a lot his football ...but one day he will be a big start, I'm sure!:)
Plays for Gremio!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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