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THIS is one of the reasons I don't understand people critizicing Juve's management.
We didn't make any revenues in the UEFA Cup, we didn't make anything in Coppa Italia and we didn't win lo scudetto + only Inter has higher expenses concerning salaries than us.
Anyway we're running like a smooth machine economically, which ensures our position as a team to reckon with in the future as well.
Lazio will in all propability end up with a minus this season in spite of winning three trophees and getting to the quarter final of the CL.
Only Milan has an organization that can match ours, and they're not up to speed either.


Juventus set for profit in 1999-2000
MILAN, May 25 (Reuters)(DS) - Italian Serie A soccer club Juventus should raise revenue in the 1999-2000 year to 230 billion lire ($107 million) from 173.3 billion and turn in a profit, the controlling Agnelli family said on Thursday.
But Umberto Agnelli, chairman of the Agnelli family holding Ifil , told reporters on the sidelines of an analysts' meeting it would not be seeking a swift stock market listing.
"First of all we're seeking to give the club a wider asset base so that it is not exclusively dependent on match results,"
Italian news agency ANSA quoted Angelli as saying.
"We're trying to buy the (Turin's Delle Alpi) stadium and...the possibility of having a certain amount of space around
it for services and training grounds," Agnelli said.
Juventus ended the season one point behind champions Lazio, the fist Italian soccer club to be quoted on the stock
City rivals AS Roma joined Lazio on the bourse this week.

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Glen you think that Lazio is going to end up in the red again this season ??

Hmmm .. it´s the shirt selling right :) No honestly I´m extremely impressed by Juventus and Milan and I know that Cragnotti will strive to achive what you guys have. Still Lazio under Cragnotti is less then 10 years old so I guess it will take some time.

This is maybe the biggest reason why Lazio needs success asap while Juve can afford a couple of bad years. Lazio needs to break into that circle of teams: Real, Barca, Juve, Milan, United, Liverpool etc that have traditions and fans to support them.

I have to say that I´m very surprised so see Lazio spend so much cash on star players instead of taking the Juve road - the proven road to success. So far our investements have been spot on ( except for Protti and De La Pena ) both Salas, Stankovic, Veron, Conceciao where all star signings. Almeyda was bought for a fairly low price 7.2$ and we doubled Vieris transfer when we sold him ( greatest deal in our history :) ).

Now with a Scudetto and a nr 1 ranking since April and much publicity I´m sure that Cragnotti feels that the ball is rolling. I predict that he will try to keep us on the very higest of levels for a good period of time before opting for the Juve way.

There has been much talk about building our own stadium ( 50 000 cap ) and we signed a 3 year sponsor deal with Siemens ( I belive it´s the most lucrative deal we ever signed ).

Thing that scares me is this: Milan, Inter and Juve have yet to go on the stock market and when they do they will release far more money then Laizo did - we will never be able to compete on a financial plane with Juve and Milan then. Inter - that´s another story since the club always has had money but never seem to be able to turn it into success.

For all the bad things I have ever written about Juve ( not really about Juve, but more moggi ) I will always envy the organisation. Lazio is far from a stable club in terms of organisation, the way they handle the press, the way they plan their future etc etc. Still we have an ambitious president and that was probably the case once with Juventus.

You guys think that I don´t know that what comes up most go down - this is a great period for us Lazio fans: Cupwinners, Coppa, CL Quarterfinals, Scudetto runners up, Scudetto winners, Coppa again, supercup - this trend will not last. We have today more talent in our first 11 then any other team - in 2 years maybe Juventus or Milan or Parma will sit in that boat.

It´s all about being humble as the world moves in circles, always be gentle to the once you meet on your way up and they´ll be gentle to you when you meet them on your way down.

So I salute Juventus for they are what I hope Lazio will once be ( as long as we´re never forced to play like you do under Ancelotti ).

Ps. I promise I will never again call Del Piero chubby, make fun of Contes hair, Davids goggles " hey look it´s zorro ", Inza .. no wait .. Inzaghi I´ve been nice to :)

Take care guys !

Glen, I read that article too, and it is good news. However, I have some questions:

apart from buying more players and giving salaries, in what other ways does Juve use its money?

I s it true that Juve will have their own TV channel in a short term future?

Have you heard anything else about Juve's t-shirt next season?


Please answer Glen



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Well, this is not exactly a financial analysis forum but I'll give
mine anyway.

Football teams getting a stock exchange quotation is a future trend,
we will see this happening more and more. Why.... simple, football
is a business!! It's not just a sport anymore. There is so much money
involved with it, that it has become part of the economy.

Think about it, what do you guys do with your money? For a part
you spend it on Juve, right? You buy shirts, tickets, video tapes,
magazines, etc. The ones travelling to matches also spend money on
transportation (train tickets, air-fare, gasoline, toll, etc.), not to mention
lodgings in hotels and restaurant bills. All this is an impulse for the (Italian)
economy and would also be an impulse for Juve stock. So a bourse
introduction could work out very well.

Ask yourselves this, if Juve had stocks available.... would you buy them??

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Supergeo; the main priority within Juve is to get their own stadium.
That's going to be a massive investment, and whenever the city of Turin will allow it the building will start.
Milan and Inter for instance are planning an introduction on the "borsa" to get funds to buy San Siro, while Juve will have the downpayment ready when the chance occurs to build their own 50.000 capacity stadium.
When that is done you can expect Juve to go on flotation. The upside about waiting is obvious; when Juve has their own stadium before going on the stock market, Juve's shares will be worth alot more because the stadium will be a major asset in itself.

That, along with the fact that Juve is always concerned about making proffit will make their stocks a great investment, and yes Boyo; I will buy Juve shares AS SOON AS IT'S POSSIBLE!!!- simply because Juve is so well organized, and will remain a major player in Italian Calcio as long as the Agnelli's are there- and propably forever.

Boyo; From an investors point of view Lazio's shares suck. It's not that Lazio isn't a promising club in finacial terms, but it seems Lazio is constantly interested in extremely expensive players- yet they're not able to make a proffit even with the results they're getting.
Juve will be set up for a huge entrance to the "borsa" when they get there, because there are so much more internal value in the Turin club.
Cragnotti did the right thing going on the "borsa" though as it was the only way to get Lazio ahead economically. Now he just need to solidify the clubs financial position.
If that can be done Lazio will remain a strong challenger for Lo scudetto for many, many years, but expect the wellorganized teams (Juve and Milan) to generate MUCH more cash, when they're starting to flotate.

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