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Problem: too many strikers!!! so who we should sell???

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a very simple question...as moratti has just announced that we'll get adriano back next season, and we already have vieri, ronaldo, ventola, kallon, and recoba (we might call up altobelli soon for the senior squad)...even if we don't count recoba as a striker...we still have 5 damn good players...i think it's too many... so what do u guys think about that?? should we sell one? or loan one out?? vieri is definitely a starter...but who should be his partner next season?? ronaldo or recoba?? i'd definitely keep ventola and kallon...

i guess the WC will be the big factor to determine whether we let ronaldo go or not...if he plays pretty well, fine...we should keep him...if not, i think it's about time to let him go...seriously, i'd rather sell him instead of the likes or ventola or kallon...i m not a ronaldo hater but i just think it's time to move on...this season, we have shown people that we can win without the great ronaldo...but if he plays well in the WC, then i guess it'll be a tough decision for cuper...well, let him decide what to do as he gets paid for helping and improving this team... :D:D:D

any comments???
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I would loan Ventolla out and keep the others.
Recoba will probably be used as a left winger for us next season. So I´ll count him out.

You have to remember that Vieri is ALWAYS injured some weeks at the start of every season. ALWAYS!!!! So if we sell someone and with Ronaldo being so injury prone we only have two strikers avaliable. Kallon and Adriano probably,since Ventola would be the first one to go. Now then we have a problem right there. Adriano isn´t a natural replacement for Vieri as they aren´t playing the same position (with that I mean that they aren´t the same type of strikers). Recoba isn´t a target player either,so whenever Vieri is missing along with Ronaldo,we lose a striker that we use. That´s where Ventola comes in. He´s the most similar striker among all we have to Vieri. We should keep Ventola and we should keep them all.

Ronaldo = Could he BE more injured?
Vieri = Always gone for a couple of months every season.
Kallon = Inconsistent and can have severe problems with scoring.
Adriano = Unexperienced and have problems with teamwork.
Ventola = Effective player but can sometimes dissapears in matches. Also injury proned.
Recoba = Likely to be used as a left winger.

So when you think about it, there´s not so many strikers at all. Of course when everyone is fit it will be too many,but how often would you see that happen? :rolleyes:

Nah,I want these strikers for next season and I think that most of them will get some playing time as well. Then if guys like Adriano is still very individualistic and doesn´t get much playing time,we can loan him out to gain more experience.

Remember also that we will most likely play CL next season also along with Coppa Italia. We are gonna need depth as hell.
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Im still not goin, haha. I might as well post when i have time.

I think Adriano can be played as a lone striker, that would cover for Vieri more than it would if he were playing with a partner. I dont think we should recall him, he must learn things he wont have time to learn at Inter. We want him to come, and get in the 11 and score. He cannot do that yet, he isnt the perfect player we know he can be. He is physically very good and strong, quick, killer shot, and excellent dribble. We need him to become that, I think he is more of a force than Vieri and Ronaldo. He can do what both cant, i dont see a striker in his size than can run like he does, and be perfect in the dribble and shot. When things go wrong, Adriano and Dalmat, with Dalmat just behind him. He needs balls to feed on, and score.
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I'd like to just remind you guys..

With Cuper... the more strikers we have.. the better off Inter will be.. why?

Next season we will have Champions league as well.. We need those strikers to be rotated as well.

Cuper did a great job to maximize his squad so far.. so if we have more depth on the bench, we should be better team next year.

again, trying not to get greedy here but just want to be deep on the bench is not wrong at all..

just like a race.. we need fresh "tyre" as well on tight schedules.

Forza Inter
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i have to agree with you aQuaiSm, we need these strikers if we are going to make a real run at the champions league trophy. i wouldn't sell or loan any of them.
We are actually stocked with strikers and I would be so pissed off if we buy another one !!!!!

Our strikers are good and they deserve to stay........IF one player should be loaned out, it would be Adriano....he still young and need more experience......
Now that Adriano is confirmed to return it really complicates things for Kallon and especially Ventola. Ventola to most people seems to be the most marginal player who is dispensible. But I agree with aQuaiSm and Falcao that we should take a more open minded approach.

It is actually better to have more than less strikers if you look at what happened at;
  • Brescia

    Toni was hurt at the start of the season. Baggio then got injured. Tare has a good header but thats about it for Brescia as Mazzone hardly uses Salgado. All this has contributed somewhat to their current relegation troubles.
  • Fiorentina

    Before the season everyone was discussing Chiesa's chances of going to the WC. Unfortunately he was injured and from then on everything went South. Nuno Gomes can hardly convert key chances while Mijatovic seems to be past it. Not until the arrival Adriano did they had a glimspe hope of Serie A survival - which unfortunately has faded away.
  • Juventus:

    Without Salas and they had to play their entire season with only DP and Trezeguet. Not surprised that they are suffering from injuries after being burned out from playing so many games. All Lippi had left was Amoruso, a very talented actor inside the box but no more. As for Zalayeta I suppose Lippi would rather play with 4-4-1-1 than to start him -_-"
  • Lazio:

    Don't know what Cragnotti was thinking when he thought Lazio could pull through the entire season with only three strikers (Crespo, S.Inzaghi and C.Lopez)??? Totally absurd decision which is reflected by their miserable season.
  • Milan:

    One of the few teams that can match Inter in terms of their quantity (though not quality) of strikers.

    When Pippo was injured and Sheva out of form their other strikers practically stopped scoring goals. This may be partly attirbuted to their tactics, since Ancelotti relies heavily on players like Serginho and Contra to come up and shoot from the sides, as well as Rui Costa and Pirlo (when he plays) from behind. But anyways if you look at Jose Mari, Moreno, Kutuzov, Simone etc....Lots of names but not really a bunch who are ready to make a difference on a consistent basis.
  • Parma:

    Sold some of the big mouths early on and all that's left was Di Vaio and Bonazzoli. Apart from that they have no one else and had to play Marchionni as a forward before we 'gave' them Sukur.
  • Roma:

    Batigol stopped scoring after his return from injury and Delvechio can't seem to convert chances either. Cassano doesn't have enough chances to play, while I wonder what would have happened if Montella had not made a timely return from his injury.
  • Udinese:

    When Muzzi was injured they only had Sosa who could score goals from diving inside the box. Di Michele and others like Nomvete are active runners though not necessarily able to score. Udine are currently still only 1 point above relegation zone.
  • Verona:

    Perhaps they are too reliant on their 3 striker system to the exent where they had difficulties scoring when either Camoranesi, Frick or Mutu is not playing. Gilardino and Cossato are just not able to make the difference. All this implies that they are on an margin with the relegation teams when they could have already secured their European spot.
The only really sucessful exceptions where teams continued to win without reliable strikers are when they changed tactics. Bologna can only rely on Cruz after Signori was injured. But they also had Zauli and Pecchia as well as Brighi in a 3-4-2-1 that actually worked! Lazio had Lopez as the single forward but Fiore, Liverani and Mendietta were mostly dissapointing.

We can take a look at Atalanta, who despite Doni's numerous goals has had a dissapointing season. They had Rossini, Commandini, Saudati and Colombo. You can even include Pinardi as a forward but it doesn't matter as all of them cannot make the impact that Ventola and Morfeo did last year (together with the others who had also left).

If you notice how some of the other Serie A teams had to cope with stiker absences it would be clear that it is always better to have more strikers than none (although in Atalanta's case it proves that quality is still a large determining factor).

Overall it seems there is no harm in having quality stirkers and we will need at least a couple (3, not including the two starters) to cope with injuries, suspensions and loss of form. If we expect to go far in the Coppa Italia and CL we would certainly need as many quality players (not only strikers) as we could possibly sustain. This should not really be a big problem because with Cuper in charge we can expect to have no complaints from those who are willing to stay.

IMO we should wait till at least January and see how far we proceed in the Italian Cup and CL before deciding who to sell (I don't suppose Ventola or Kallon will be loaned again?) But until then we can keep our current team and be comfortable that we have an array of striking talent that is unmatched in Serie A.
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yes i was just talkin about this with Josh on MSN.

We should keep all of them and wait till January to see who is gettin frozen out or if R9 and V32 are injured again and we are left with only 3 strikers in Adriano Kallon Ventola with recoba only 1/2 a striker so....

We'll see guys. We should keep them all and wait till January to decide
as long as you play in this crappy pitch which is San Siro ! you'd better keep all your strikers and maybe look for one or two as a reinforcement...

damn I hate this pitch !! I always feel lucky when we lose only one or two players injured in this ****ing stadium !
Agreed!Very good analysis by HK.His points have already proved that it always better have more than none!Espeically for those strikers at Inter who are that injury prone!Also many of u have pointed out that next season our schedule will be a lot more busy with CL!So 5 strikers should be a optimal number!

However I'm not sure bringing back Adrinao would be good cuz I still think he can be better off if he play one more season with other team in Serie A!Think about it,I rate him the 4th or 5th striker at Inter.He would have really limited chances to play!He is such a great talent that not to be wasted.We all know how Inter could ruin a talent!If I were Cuper I would let him play one more season with another Serie A team!

Anyway,at least we know in the future we will have such a great talent at Inter!:)

Forza Adriano!!!
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i think if we plan to call up altobelli for the senior squad, getting adriano back would limit his chance to play...my gut feeling tells me that ronaldo won't be around for too long...
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