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In light of the recent talks about Juve's youth scheme I thought You would be interested in getting some info on our future stars fare into the final stages of the Primavera play-off.

Juve faced Brecia in the qualifier to go to the quarterfinals, and followed their 1-0 away win up with a 5-0 home rout (Gasbaroni, Sculli and Guzman scored among others).

Milan qualified in equally strong fashion and Empoli are also one of the biggest favourites to take the final honours. Even if they finished only third in Juve's division, they're a team to reckon with as a number of their best players are normally engaged with Empoli's serie B team, and that was one of the reasons why Juve and Fiorentina had a rather big gap on them.
They've won the prestigious Viareggio tournament 2 years in a row now, and I suspect we'll se more of them.

After the bitter disappointment seing our scudetto dreams vanish we can take some consolation that Lazio were knocked out along with other topclubs such as Roma, Inter and Viola.

I will post next round s results as soon as I get them.

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