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Prilasnig is "surprised" and says he could sign for Austria Vienna...

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Gilbert Prilasnig said some interesting stuff in an interview with a greek sports site. First of all he said that he thinks it is "very unlikely" Aris will use the option they have to renew his contract, and that he doesn't really want to stay because of the team's financial problems and because the game in Greece is too fast for him to play in his favorite position (in Aris he is used as a defender, is his favorite position midfielder?). He said that he has an interesting offer from Germany, but he wants to return to Austria where he has offers from Austria Vienna and Karnten. The reason he wants to play again in Austria is because Krankl does not see him much if he plays out of the country, his exact comment was that:

"It has caused me a big and negative surprise that I'm not in the national team anymore. Last year I was a starter and now I'm not even called up. Krankl is trying to build a new team. I'm not the youngest, but I think I can play a part in it, due to my experience and versatility.
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Well, Prilasnig never was able of facing reality...
He could do a good job at FAK - as translator when we try to rule Europe! ;)
I hope this information lives next door to SuperMario Haas, but I fear it does not........ :rolleyes:
No, I'm being serious now. This is a shortened version of the article from its original publication, as they put it to their archives.

...cough, cough...well, I have hopes he just tells stories. It's true we had talks with him before he went to Greece, so I hope he's still referring to that to cover up being in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile I wouldn't know why we wanted to sign him. We need a fast and solid left back and that's not what he is.

But thanks for the info !

Guess Prilasnig is dreaming - he won't sign for us this summer as he is nowhere near the shortlist of players that we're interested in. And as I mentioned before it is not clear if we'll go on and sign a further midfielder, and I can't imagine him as our new left defender - remember Svetits talked about having 8 quality defenders:D

Nevertheless thanks for the info

PS: time to show some real colours!:)

Recent rumours suggest a comeback at Sturm. :)
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