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Press scandal pushes Eriksson towards Lazio

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When a coach from the English NT cheats in his relationship, the British tabloids are making overhours. Bobby Robson knows all about it, and so does Sven-Goran Eriksson sinds thursday.

"Svensational" was one of the bold headlines after the historical win from the English over the Germans.
This time they used the same headline for the news about an affaire from Sven with a Swedish tv-personality in England.
Ulrike Jonsson, formerly a weathergirl at the BBC, would be his secret lover for a few months now. The only problem is that the Roman girlfriend, with who Sven lives with in London, doesn't know about all this.

"It are rumours, and all paparazzi photographs which they are printing out from Sven is with me in the pool" says Nancy dell' Olio, who gave up her marriage 3 years ago to get it on with the Swedish coach instead, and doesn't have the intention to give him up.

Eriksson has been betrayed however, by the mother and babysitter from his Swedish mistress.
This affair makes a stay from Eriksson at the FA quite doubtful under the pressure from the press.

The Italian newspapers are already taking a return to Lazio not unaccounted for. La Gazzetta was printing sundaymorning: "Lazio is the real love for Sven."
Previous week, Barcelona was secretly making advances towards Eriksson, who declared towards the Catalonian board of directores, that his intention was to sit out his (lucrative) contract with the FA until WC2006.

Now, this was in a Dutch soccersite, and I translated it as good as I could, which isn't that hard for me. :)
Now, this story is somewhat very vague to me, but perhaps any Italians or English might confirm or know more about this, and if the newspapers really wrote what was written in this text.
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As much as I want Sven to come back......all these 'possible return to Lazio' stuff seems like bullsh!t to me:eek:
Very very unlikely if you ask me.......:rolleyes:
same here, but I just want to know if this indeed happened.
I can't seem to find it on any other site.
We love sven and will welcome him back to Lazio when or if he decides to do so, but for now, lets just focus on our main focus and that's making the CL for next year.

I have a great feeling about us next season. Sorin coming to Lazio is a big boost. I hope Cragnotti makes more smart moves like that instead of making brain dead purchases.
I don't know. As much as I love Eriksson for bringing us a lot of trophies and success, he and his Sampdoria boys were also the reason why Beppe Signori left Lazio. :( I know that no player is bigger than the club, but the way it happend is still hurting me.
in here(london), William Hill bet For swede' Playboy..who is will be his partner since departing from england to Japan...

Come on Guys...make a bet... NANCY OR ULRIKA...;)

I've read some statements today.....

Apparently, if this thing continues, he will re-consider his position after the WC.
Apparently, if this thing continues, he will re-consider his position after the WC.
......ah, the British Press:rolleyes::yawn:
the only way this could happen is if england bombed out badly in the WC, i dont think this will happen. althougha rnd of 16 exit could be.

but then i doubt he would go to lazio, they gave him the sack, why would he want to return?
why would anyone manage an italian side? u lose a couple of games and you get the flick?

presidents have no respect for managers!
Is Ulrike Jonsson hot or is she just plain average?
Juventino2002 said:
Is Ulrike Jonsson hot or is she just plain average?
Why....you planning to seduce here or something?:D
shes flipping gorgeous!
No Lazio Move For Eriksson

ENGLAND coach Sven Goran Eriksson has not been approached about an emotional return to former club Lazio, according to the Swede's personal manager.

Following revelations about his private life, newspaper speculation wildly suggested that Eriksson may be forced out as national chief with Lazio willing to offer him an escape route.

The rumours were fuelled further when it was disclosed the Biancoceleste's president Sergio Cragnotti is jetting into England on business this week and may seek a meeting with his old manager.

However, Eriksson's personal manager Athole Still insists the Swede will remain at the England helm and he had no intention of reviewing his future after the World Cup.

"In the conversations I have had with Sven over the last few days, I have had no discussions whatsoever of that nature," said Still.

"Sven is committed to England. I can also tell you there have been no approaches made by any European clubs."

As well as Lazio, Spanish giants Barcelona were also said to be monitoring the situation closely as they seem certain to dispense with the services of Carles Rexach at the end of the season.

The Football Association are also adamant that the furore over Eriksson's private life will not distract the coach from plotting England's World Cup destiny.

They are confident the former Sampdoria boss will not be leaving, despite his discomfort with the intrusion into his personal life.

"Sven is absolutely clear that he intends to carry on with the job," an FA official told the Daily Telegraph.

"He is not comfortable with the intrusion and it was one of the things he worried about before taking the job. But, true to form, he is being phlegmatic about it."
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ofcourse as a lazio fan i love erikson to, who wouldn't regarding the wonderfull things he has acoomplished for us... but... there is one doubt in my mind about his return... he mentioned himself that him and lazio staying togheter wasn't a good idea at all.. i think he is wrong there, cause look at lippi at juve, they went ok 2... but wouldn't his return be to early??? it took lippi several years to return to Juve...
I think i'm entitled to laugh.

He isn't leaving, he's won things in Italy and he wants to win bigger things and he thinks he's in for a real chance.

I don't think he'll leave until 2006.
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