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Rather than swamping the forum with press conferences and/or interviews, I figured we could have a running topic to collect these in. Pre-game press conferences, post-game comments, regular interviews--the lot


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Vincenzo Montella

So, Montella, if that of Thursday evening for you was a test, a test to evaluate your physical condition for the derby, you passed.

"I don't know, I haven't followed what Spalletti has said of it."

He said he had registered the progress and practically announced you were playing in the derby.

"Often one forgets what it means to be out for 80 days. If during the summer you rest for 30-40 days and afterwards it's necessary to prepare for the new season for almost a month, imagine what should be needed after almost three months out. I'm not saying I want that much time to get back into form, but I don't have a magic wand."

You have returned to a team that for the recent past, the period of the record, plays in a different way, in respect to earlier.

"I don't think a lot has changed in the way we play. The spirit is different, the conviction. There aren't a lot of tactical differences. The concept is always the same, even if a player has a position ten metres further up or ten metres further down the field. This doesn't change the quality. The tactic doesn't determine the result, the spirit does. And it is in that we have changed."

Spalletti asks his attackers for a certain amount of work. Even at the beginning of the season he said: "an attacker in one of my teams will never score twenty goals".

"I've taken a closer look at the statistics, with his style every player on the team contributes by scoring goals, which is a great advantage over a team who relies on a single goalscorer."

Has your way of playing changed too?

"With Spalletti, an attacker can't only look for the goal. It's fundamental to make the runs and movements to set up the midfielders who come with great speed."

And you were always an attacker who lived for the goal...

"When I'm well physically, those are my characteristics. But I don't think it's hard to go out and do whatever my coach asks me to do. The two aren't mutually exclusive. And certain tasks doesn't relieve the responsibility to score. The goal always has to be on the mind of an attacker."

Because of this, on Thursday, in an counter attack move you preferred to shoot from a distance rather than passing the ball to Mancini.

"If I had seen that my teammate was positioned better, I would have chosen differently. But in that circumstance I chose to shoot because I had the whole goal in front of me."

On Sunday, for the derby Roma starts as the favourite.

"I would prefer to disagree. Without being rhetorical, in this game the psychological aspects counts for more than the physical and technical aspects. We're not making the mistake of underestimating lazio, even if they're behind us in the table. We're not done for after this long line of victories."

How does one feel the absence of Totti?

"He's important, I've always said it. However, it would be a mistake to go hide behind the absence of Francesco. Everyone of us has to be convinced of their responsibility."

What are Spalleti's merits in this magical moment for Roma?

"I don't like to praise coaches. But if one analyzes our season, especially in regard to the last one, the results speak for him."

Spalletti has said that inside the penalty area, you have an ability that no one else possesses.

"That's his personal opinion, which pleases me. One of the characteristic aspects of my game is that I know what to do inside the box.

Now you have to help the team more, while in the past all you were asked to do was score.

"A goal makes a good example. I've understood that you can score a few less goals and be happy all the same."

At what stage is your physical fitness?

"It's important to feel well. Throughout my career I have always had physical problems, so I have learnt how to evaluate my own phsyique. I don't know what to say, what stage I'm at now...for sure I am growing and this gives med good hope."

Three months out due to a back problem is a special kind of injury for a footballer. How are you doing now?
"I'm still in 're-hab', I continue being watched and followed. The discomfort and agony haven't vanished completely. But now now I can train continually, and am happy because of it."

Have you felt fear during this period of not being able to recover completely?
"No, I have always been certain, and I have not experienced that fear."

On Sunday you can equal Delvecchio as best goalscorer in the derby.
"I've never watched the numbers, and I won't now either. When I quit I will check the sums of my goals and be very proud of how far I came."

After seven years, you are a veteran of the derby. Is the evening of the game still a special one?
"It's nice, it gives you unique emotions."

How do you approach this one, in respect to your first derby?

"It can't be the same. For the first one, I arrived unaware, unprepared, and now with more maturity. The first was a discovery of sorts."

On Thursday, when you were substituted, you were praised by the fans.

"They have always demonstrated great affection, I can't thank them for it enough. They made me feel their passion, their fire."

Do you think Totti will come back in time for the finals of the cups, as he hopes to?
"I had an injury similar to his when I was 18, when I was with Empoli. Now at 32 I'm still playing. His willingness to sacrifice will count for a lot, and it seems to me he has that. He's already here to do physical therapy for hours and hours. It took me four months to come back, after a month I had to submit to a new minor interference, to remove the screws. For a period I played with the plate inside. But he'll come back the same as before, no doubt about it."

Totti's punting for the World Cup. Do you still think of it?

"The only certainty I have is...Lippi. He's unprejudiced and goes ahead with his own ideas, which is correct to do when evaluating. For every player it's an advantage knowing he's being followed and judged on the same standard as everyone else is."

During these months, even if you were far from the pitch you were always "inside" Roma. You didn't play nor participate during the dinners...

"Our fortunes do not depend on seeing each other at the table. I've visited the dressing room during this period, I've witnessed the growth of the team. I was also involved in every situation along the way."

At the beginning of the season the società was on crutches. There were those who asked to leave. And still the owners have created a team that fights on three fronts and with a youth sector among the best, with the Primavera team having reached the semifinal of the Viareggio tournament.

"Often one has the illusion of understanding the situations. Us players have said from the beginning of the season that the società have put together the means for us to express ourselves to the maximum. The results arrived, with great merit to the same players."

Is the derby with the four goals your favourite memory of this encounter?

"Yes, also because I scored a poker on Peruzzi, who I have scored little on except for this game. But I also remember my first derby, the one we won 4-1 with two of my goals. The derby, no matter the result, is always a special game. Each time we try to tell ourselves that it's a game just like all the others, but it isn't. Even us players live a special way in anticipation of these games.

Without Totti, you will be captain. Do you feel like a leader?

"There are various players that have played on a high level for many years, but this team is a mix between experience and carelessness. We need it all. I don't feel like one who drags the rest with him, especially not with words."

Identify the 'derby man' for Roma.

"I won't do that, so that I can't go wrong. More than ever has it been proven that Roma is a group. To win we will need to do so together."

The record, now that you have equalled it, how much weight does mean for you?

"To have equalled it can also be a liberation. Records are made to be broken. It's been a indescribable goal, no one thought we could reach it."

Choose an objective, among a place in Champions League, the Uefa Cup, and Coppa Italia.

"I can't, one doesn't exclude the other. It would be nice going into Champions and to raise a cup. We have to reach at least one of the objectives to be able to feel satisfaction over this season.

Try to make a prediction.
"I'm no good at predictions. However, it will be a great derby. Both teams wants to win. We're interested in the three points, and nothing less."

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Thanks Cacìni! :eekani:

I don't know why, but I rarely get a good feeling after reading his interviews.

Like this:

"I don't think a lot has changed in the way we play. The spirit is different, the conviction. There aren't a lot of tactical differences. The concept is always the same, even if a player has a position ten metres further up or ten metres further down the field. This doesn't change the quality. The tactic doesn't determine the result, the spirit does. And it is in that we have changed."

"I don't like to praise coaches"

But I know he always means it well, so I don't suspect anything.

Forza l'aeroplanino! :heart:

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My translations are never perfect. So if you have a bad feeling after the Montella interview, blame me not him; it makes perfect sense in Italian, I just didn't know how to carry that over in the translation perfectly.

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Giordano vs Rizzitelli

Eight questions from the past to the present to re-live the emotions for two ex's for lazio and Roma.
Bruno Giordano, bianoceleste for ten seasons and bla bla bla, in short: burino, and Ruggiero Rizzitelli, with the yellowred shirt for six seasons from 1988 to 1994, tells to Sportal.it the atmosphere of the derby between memories and predictions.

Which derby is your favourite?
Giordano: For sure the second I played, it was 1976 and we won thanks to a goal of mine. But I have nice memories from my first one as well--I was a kid from Trastevere, overwhelmingly romanista neighbourhood, and to go onto the pitch to play against Roma was a dream come true.
Rizzitelli: Well, the best memory is connected to the derby won in '91 thanks to my goal. I scored in '88 and ran under la Sud, it was an incredible emotion.

Which derby would you rather forget?
Giordano: I remember the one of '79 being truly dramatical, in which Vincenzo Paparelli died after being hit with a rocket, it was terrible.
Rizzitelli: I would like to cancel the first one I ever played: Di Canio scored, who went to celebrate under the Roma fans, with a gesture few have forgotten in the yellowred atmosphere.

Which opponent brought you the most difficulty?
Giordano: Sebino Nela, Ubaldo Righetti, Emidio Oddi, Agostino Di Bartolomei, there were many players I remember having memorable battles with, but they were always correct.
Rizzitelli: Everyone and no one, I can't remember a particular defender in lazio, also because in those years lazio changed around a lot back there.

According to you, which tifoseria feels and lives the derby more?
Giordano: I don't think there are vast differences. Personally I can say that this is a game different from all others: I have always been a burino, and for me the climate of the derby is born six months in advance and dies six months afterwards...it lasts all year.
Rizzitelli: Both sides. I remember the first day I came to Rome, at my presentation to the fans, they continually repeated a date, which I didn't understand. Later they explained it was the date of the derby.

Who is the symbol of each squad right now?
Giordano: In lazio, surely it's Paolo Di Cane, a bandiera who also spends time with the fans of Curva Nord. For Roma I would say Totti, but seeing as he will unfortunately not be on the pitch for this game, I'll say Montella as well, who has been with Roma for many years now, and De Rossi, roman and romanista.
Rizzitelli: Seeing how Totti is absent, I'll say the entire group. There isn't a special player, the real force is with everyone together: it's a pleasure watching this Roma play when they enjoy themselves, it makes you too enjoy it. From the babyblues Di Cane, who has given everything to come back to lazie.

Are you expecting a spectaular game or a nervous one?
Giordano: I think it will be a spectacular game. Once upon a time we were more Italians on the field, you felt the game more even amongst the players and often it ended in provocations and nervousness; now the teams have more foreigners, who maybe lives the derby in a 'cooler' way and get less agitated.
Rizzitelli: Like everyone else I wish for a spectacular game and rich of goals, but it'll be hard. Whoever has seen the atmosphere of the derby knows that it is a fight that can't be played in a 'wreckless' way: the result counts more than anything else.

Serious prediction: who will win?
Giordano: I have no doubt, lazio.
Rizzitelli: For scaramanzia (superstition) I would prefer not to gamble, but obviously in my heart I have a desire and hope...

Which player could prove to be decisive?
Giordano: Rocchi did well last time, I hope he repeats it. From Rome I fear above all Montella, Mancini and Perrotta.
Rizzitelli: I'd bet on Mancini, I expect great things from the Brazilian. But do not underestimate Perrotta: he's in a tremendous form and still improving.


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Shabani "Blade" Nonda

He hasn't played since December 14th, Roma-Basel 3-1 in the Uefa Cup, where he also scored a goal. Soon after, Shabani Nonda suffered an injury to the knee. But now he's close to re-entering the field, and the striker confirms to 'Il Romanista': "I will come back between three and four weeks, for the game against Juve. I feared it could have been as serious as my first injury [out 14-17 months]. Luckily they re-assured me directly that the recovery period would be much shorter." The injuries. No one can understand Francesco Totti in this perioid better than him: "I know what Francesco is trying to do, that when you feel bad you're afraid you'll never be the same again as before the injury." Unfortunately Shabani has only been able to see the record Roma as a spectator: "The secret is the spirit of the group and Spalletti. We can win and fly into the Champions." Nonda likes it in Rome, he settled in immediately: "Here I have found passion and fire: it's like being at home. What an emotion curva Sud is. In that place I don't believe there can be racists."

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You're here since five years. Can you say Panucci is a romanista?

"I've always spoken with respect for this shirt and for this city. The more time that passes, the more I feel this team. I wanted to stay here because I believe in these colours. I have become a romanista, and also my son is growing up to be a romanista as well..."

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To win for the captain. The derby of the Capital is always the most anticipated game in Rome, but for AS Roma the game on Sunday means even more. Spalletti's men has to make due without Francesco Totti, an important absence that can also work as a stimuli for whoever goes onto the pitch.

"It will be a difficult game--admits Philippe Mexès to the microphones of Sky Sport--which we have to play well and win for 'Checco'. He'll be on the bench? We can always use his presence, even if he's unable to play. He's a friend, he has a great personality, he's a great footballer and a great man. He's important to have at our side". Mexès hopes to celebrate his return to the French NT with the three points on Sunday. Domenech has re-called him, after two years away from the team, for the friendly on Wednesday against Slovakia. "The NT is a plus, and it's always nice, because it means that the work I put in pays off. I'm happy and thank my teammates and the società."

Thoto: :)

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I know, I know, I didn't exactly follow that opening day of translating up...my bad :D.

I'll have a look around and see if I find anything interesting.

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Indeed Cacini anything you do get is much appreciated by us here.

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When it's time for Juve-Roma the hopes of a city who dreams of a strike like in January (2-3 in Coppa Italia) extends to--with the Captain and De Rossi out (and Bovo in doubt)--Alberto Aquilani, 21, regista of the U21 and tonight the rudder of the midfield.

Aquilani, how is Roma?
-In good health, and all in all we're showing it. At times we feel the fatigue, especially from a pshychological point of view, but we're never looking for alibis.

Fabio Capello will be a figure: what sort of rapport do you have with him?
-A good one. I owe him a lot, because since I was a boy, he always held a lot of faith in me and my capacity. But now, as a roman and romanista, I can't give any favours: I want to win.

There's also the objective of taking out Fiorentina from Champions: what do you have that the Viola do not?
-Characteristically that a lot of us are romans and romanisti. The Fiorentina players can't feel the same way we do, because they're not from Firenze. From a technical point of view, they have something more in attack than us, while we have it in defence.

On Sunday, after the goal against Messina, you did the gesture of Toni...
-I didn't want to imitate him. It was dedicated to my friend Jacopo, who was at the stadium for the first time ever, and he didn't believe I'd score.

Spalletti tells you to shoot more often, right?
-Yes, he does. Up until now I've scored six goals, but I don't want to stop doing it.

You and De Rossi are the symbols of the yellowred nursery. An academy in the Ajax mould?
-I'd say so, yes. The goal is to believe in the kids and strenghten the sections dedicated to them.

But for the future, the name Pizarro is constantly mentioned.
-It doesn't bother me. If he comes, good. But those who are here now does well too.

Which are the mythical players and the ones who have put you in the most difficulty?
-I always studied Guardiola and Verón. But in general, I suffer especially against technical people like Corini and Liverani.

You like the movies: which is the movie of your life?
-'Gladiator'. And I have to admit I felt bad when I heard Russel Crowe supports lazio.

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Simone Perrotta

Before playing another Juve-Roma, let us try to re-open the drawer of memories. What does Juventus mean to you?
-An important bracket in my career. The first six months there was Lippi, then Ancelotti. I was surprised by all the attention reserved for Zidane: he had just hoisted the World Cup trophy to the sky, and he was also my old team-mate.

And what else?
-You breathed the air of big games even during trainings. Professionalism was the word that mattered around there.

Five goals in the championship, eight with the cups. Surprised?
-To play like in these past months really appeals to me. Of course, when Francesco was playing it was another story.

Totti or no Totti, has a role for Perrotta been born?
-The interpretation I put in on the pitch is completely personal. I have the good fortune, since forever, to being able to count on a certain natural ability, and the rest is the fruit of instinct.

Is there anyone around who interprets the role of midfielder in a manner not much unlike your's?
-I'm thinking the English, Lampard, truly complete. But also Gerrard.

Emerson and Vieira: is is the strongest partnership around?
-I preferred Emerson and Blasi.

Ibra and Trezeguet?
-That's for Phillipe. Mexès is the one who taken the longest strides forwards the past weeks.

Del Piero?
-Great, as a person and as a player. My debut with Juventus was the afternoon of his injury in Udine. It was unfortunate I never had him as a team-mate on the pitch during my Juventus stint: Alex was like Totti is today. Always close to the group even on crutches.

Who'll be the decisive romanista tonight?
-Mancini. It will be his game, because he has a great will to demonstrate that the gossip of him moving to Juventus is just gossip, fantasies. He wants Roma.

Eleven victories in a row, record, and the will to move is gone. Is it like that?
-There was a moment where I thought of packing my bags. The confidence in me from the società and talks with Spalletti made me change my mind. I did the right thing.

March 1st, Italy-Germany: Perrotta back in the NT.
-I don't feel like I'm there for the free ride, but as one who has re-enetered the list of possible names for the team for Germany this summer.

Do you think that without Totti there'll be no World Cup?
-Without Francesco it would be difficult to go all the way.

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Carboni, first and foremost, happy birthday and compliments for your 41 years. You carry them well.

«Thank you. Physically, I feel in shape. Last week we did athletic tests and I was in the top 5 of the team in speed, stamina and aerobic ability. Not bad for a forty one year old, right?»

Decidedly not bad, but before talking about the present, we'll start with the past and the summer of 1997, when you decided to leave Roma for Valencia. What brought about that decision?

«In that moment I had few options: my time in Roma was coming to an end in a bad way and I had to find a new team. Valencia offered me a two year deal, and I couldn't turn it down.»

What happened in your relationship with Roma?

«Misunderstandings pushed the seperation. There were moments of tension, but the good thing is that with some distance in time, both me and the giallorossi directors have been able to acknowledge our mistakes commited. And now, every time I go to Rome and see the Sensi family, it's a joy.»

What are your memories of seven years with Roma?

«Every little thing, because it's impossible to forget anything from that fantastic period. I lived it all during those years: I cried and I laughed, I was applauded and whistled, I won and I lost. We won the Coppa Italia in my first year and lost the Uefa Cup the following year. In Rome, with Roma, there are no blanks. It's an ever-continuing emotion.»

And in that Roma, day after day, a young boy and an incredible talent grew up; young Totti.

«He turned up in the first team with Boskov and already then he was a phenomenon. In the mini-games in practice everyone wanted him on their team, because he did incredible numbers all the time.»

Is Totti the best Italian player?

«Yes, without a doubt. It's a shame that there's a conflict of interests between the heart and the brain: the heart would have him remain at Roma always, because after the Pope, there's Totti; the brain, instead, sometimes wonders what would have happened if he played for Barcelona or Real Madrid, he would have won the Ballon d'Or. But you can stay calm: he's never ever moving away from the Capital.»

Do you think Roma will qualify for the Champions League?

«I hope so. Spalletti has put in great work, but the merits are to be divided amongst him and the players. They have done some extraordinary things.»

Coming back to you: would you make the same decision to leave Italy again?

«Seeing what happened since leaving, it's impossible to say no. And besides, in life there are no do-overs.»

What atmosphere did you find in Valencia?

«An ideal one for a player. This isn't a metropol, but it's still a city that is developing, in every aspect. In Valencia you live like a God. When I first arrived I though to myself 'either I'm crazy, or they are all crazy'.»

In what way?

«Football is seen without the pressure and without the affluence. I lead a normal life, I walk my kids to school, I go shopping for groceries and I return home on foot carrying the bags. I train with the fans on the sidelines and the press hass access to the training complex. In Italy, these things aren't possible and never happen.»

With us, losing a game is enough to spark the protests.

«Meanwhile, here even if you lose they applaud you. The people want to see their players giving their all, to try to entertain. I'll give you an example: if Aimar tries a nutmeg and then loses the ball in the process, he's applauded. It's the spectacle, or the search for the spectacle, that counts. Of course, at times the fans object to us at times here as well, but do you know how? The fans wave small white handkerchiefs to show their dissatisfaction. White handkerchiefs...I couldn't believe my eyes the first time I saw it.»

How was the first Valencia you played in, when you arrived?

«A team of players, because we had Romario, Ortega and others. A shame that we would have needed 14 balls on the pitchs to satisfy them all...»

What effect did wearing the Captain's armband have, as you're an Italian in a Spanish team?

«It was a bonus, but I resigned the Captaincy after four months. Cuper gave me the armband, but I found it to be more correct if a Spaniard wore it [he gave it to Albelda].»

Speaking of Cuper, is he really a 'difensivista'?

«He's a very direct character, who tells you like it is. His game play if extremely practical and spends a lot of time on the defensive aspect of the game. He didn't want the back four to risk anything, and if he saw a fullback trying to bring the ball out of the area on his own, he'd get outraged. If there's a reason we were the best defence in the Champions League two years running, that's why.»

As trainer you've also seen Ranieri and Benitez, two greats in Europe: where is the difference?

«With Ranieri I had a tremendous rapport, up until last year, but after his last Valencia experience maybe the situation has changed, due to a lack of information on both parts. What I'm trying to say is that our rapport is infilitrated by persons recounting history false, claiming things that have never been said were true, and we became distant from each other. In any regard, I hope I can clear things up with him.»

What can you say about Benitez?

«He's a psychologist, the trainer of the future. Having a squad of 25 players you have to make sure everyone think they're important, even if only the same 14-15 players are the ones playing...not easy. During a season, there's a need for everyone on a team.»

Now Valencia is coached by Quique Flores who fields you little.

«But this doesn't change my opinion of him: he's a good coach, and he'll do good things.»

What's the biggest compliment you've recieved during these years in Spain?

«When they told me that in my first press conference that I hadn't told a lie.»

And what did you say?

«That at 32 years of age, I hadn't come to rob the team of pesetas and then go back to Italy. I've demonstrated that on the field. I feel I've done myself justice.»

What teammates have you been the closest to?

«Angloma and Djukič, good players and persons alike, outside of the pitch.»

Who are the emerging Spanish talents?

«Fabregas of the Arsenal and a winger from Sevilla called Navas. he's one to watch for.»

But Italian teams almost never sign Spanish players. Can you explain why?

«Because they're used to not feeling the pressure on their shoulders, to playing by entertaining, and to take that into a championship where the pressure is so heavy...it isn't easy. The Spanish pays heavy for that fact. Even in the National team. And to think that in la Liga there are many players who potentially could many Italian coaches biggest fortune. I'm referring to Joaquin, Rufete, Vicente and others.»

Milan and Inter, however, has asked for information on Fernando Torres. Do you think he'll ever leave Atletico Madrid?

«Until he goes to a team where his partner in attack is better than him, I don't know how much he can grow. He's not for sale? Millions change many people's minds.»

In Italy there's plenty of talk of the return of Ronaldo to Inter. Is it possible, accoridng to you?

«I've read it in Italian newspapers, but I really don't know. One thing's for sure, even if they call him fat, he still scores goals. Watch him to play out a great finish to the season.»

Is Ronaldinho the World's number one?

«He's a player from another level, one of those who leaves everyone standing around with their mouth open. He always exits to applauses, even from opposing fans.»

What do you think of Messi?

«That he's one of the very few real talents in circulation.»

What happened to Cassano in Spain?

«What I was afraid of. I was hoping for his sake that he would find the right rhythm, but instead he arrived in a bad environment, in the worst possible year, and he's paying for it. In hindsight it's easy to come to the conclusion that he made a mistake by going there, but when Real Madrid calls...how do you say no?»

Why don't the Italians that goes overseas work out so well?

«That's not true. Maresca at Sevilla is working out really well, Tacchinardi is in the semifinals of the Champions League. The Italian players overseas do good things if they have the fortune of finding a team with a European pedigree like Valencia when I arrived here.»

Then why did Di Vaio, Fiore and Corradi fail at Valencia?

«Because there were problems with the group. They arrived the year after won la Liga and the Uefa Cup and this Italian shopping spree [with them, Moretti also arrived] created a certain envy from the Spaniards. They didn't enter to the best of conditions.

What's in the future of Carboni?

«Last year I took FIFA's exam to become a agent, while now I want to take the course to become a sports director. For sure I'll never be a coach, because I see how much my brother Guido at Bari suffers from it.
The truth is that I haven't decided yet. I'll tell you more: it's not even certain that I'll hang up my boots after the season.»

Are you saying you could keep on playing?

«I'm thinking about it. I want to go to America or Japan for a couple of years, to give my family an important experience. But don't say I'm a mercenary. If I wanted the money, I'd go to Qatar, but money's not everything in life. And besides, I feel fine, physically and mentallt. Why quit?»

Albertini played his farewell game at San Siro with Milan and Barcelona. Where would you play yours?

«The truth is I haven't even though about it yet. Who knows who'd play, seeing how all my ex teammates have stopped playing since a couple of years back. I have a dream though: a Valencia-Roma at the Mestalla. It would be beauiful.»

Who's your favourite for the World Cup?

«I'll name two teams that can surprise people: Portugal and Italy. Our national team can do it all: go all the way or go out in the group.»

On the subject of the blue shirt, do you have any regrets?

«Maybe that I played the best seasons of my career a long way from Italy where no one followed me. And that's a shame, because the Italians that move abroad don't lose their quality.»

Who's the new Carboni?

«I'm not Ronaldo, damnit...there are plenty of left wingbacks. I like my teammate at Valencia, Moretti.»

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Moretti is great I agree.

Carboni is a legend!
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