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Prediction: Who will be the top scorer in the WC???

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i don't know if this question has been asked b4...but here u go....who do u think will be the top scorer in the WC??? and how many goals he'll score???

i'd go for Trezeguet ...
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I like the chances of Vieri or Crespo :cool:
Someone that probably won't win the WC, since 1982, since Paolo Rossi won the golden boot and the WC, everytime soemone has won the golden boot, thier team hasn't won the WC.

Vieri, Trezeguet, Henry, Nuno Gomes...

hopefully it won't be either Batistuta or Crespo.
I was thinking about this the other day when pondering over a beat:

Vieri was tempting at 12-1 but it's just the guys fitness that worries me:(... then I was thinking maybe Montella but he may not even start (him or Del Piero.. you decide)...

Henry could do it but I don't think that France will get that far and the same reason can be given for Owen not getting too many...

Crespo for me is the favorate thus far but things never go to plan... I mean no-one would have said Oleg Salenko;)
I think it will be Crespo with 7 goals.
Ronaldinho 7 goals, he'll have plenty of chances in the easy group Brazil is in.
Ronaldo, Ronaldinho or one of the Frenchies.
AMOROSO! said:
Ronaldo, Ronaldinho or one of the Frenchies.
The above are my picks too.
The Brazilians not the 'Frenchies'
Someone who will score 6 goals, but who's nation won't win the WC...
it could be the most unexpected....e.g davor suker won it in 98.........i think it will be....Raul.....
yeah... Suker was kind of unexpected as was Salenko and Schillachi... but I don't think that the same will happen again though...

I am tempted by Ronaldinho... he has been superb of late but he is effectively playing in midfield... i did say effectively;)
Ronaldo all depends on fitness and believe me I would have laid a bet on him by now if I could be guranteed that he would start every game...
Nuno Gomes looks like he may go through a scoring frenzy, after what he did in Euro 2000 and also WC qualification.

Henry looks like he can do it, after what he displayed in his club performance.
Owen anyone?

Seems really open to me this time around, it could be anyone out of about 10 people. If i was a betting man i'd go for Raul.
I don't think it will be an Italina because it's not like Italy scores heaps of goals. I think the top scorer will be Pauleta. He had a good season and Portugal scores a fair amount of goals.
I think Trezeguet will score 6 or 7 goals lead the WC. Owen is also a strong possibility since he seems to score in every England match.
Let me pick a wild one:)......Klose of Germany:D
utopia said:
Let me pick a wild one:)......Klose of Germany:D
Good choice :D:D
I go for Klose, too !

Probably Henry
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