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A good sense of humour should ALWAYS be apreciated!

* CECCHI GORI, the scenes at Fiorentina are like all of your fuckin' movies,..... to say it in two words VERY BAD!!!

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After viewing my crystal ball I managed to see in to the future and find out what had happen in the transfer market and how the teams played in the first couple of games.

Cragnotti didn’t get anyone of the attacker he had wanted: Rivaldo stayed in Barca and Vieri was so injured that he decided to follow Ronaldo to Brazil for rehabilitation: Crespo was the most likely striker to join our Lazio but Tanzi raised his pay check with enormous amount. The truth is that Parma had given him so much in wages that they had to cut all the other players salaries with the gigantic amount of 0,3%. All there stars refused and later Thuram and Buffon moved to Lazio. The only one of their big names who stayed were Cannavaro, who turned out to be a really loyal team-player or maybe it was because Tanzi had bought his sister to the team as their new goalie.

Instead of a famous attacker Cragnotti bought the relative unknown Brazilian striker Franca who made his breakthrough during Brazils world-cup qualify this summer by scoring a lot of goals. He came relative cheap - 38 billions lire. Cragnotti was quoted saying: “ I have no idea if he can play soccer or not but I do understand that he is famous in his country and has accepted to do some heavy commercial for my company”. Later this kid proven to be a huge success for the club.

Cragnotti spend the whole summer trying to sell his former stars Salas and Almeyda and no one could really understand why until Crag dropped some information that shocked hole Rome. Apparently those two player had forgot to by a birthday present when Cragnotti celebrated his 60th (70?) birthday. So he traded these players with Thuram and Buffon. Parma thought the deal was a little bit unjust to them but when Cragnotti promised to have Dino Baggio on a free transfer the deal pulled through.

Here is a list over the transfers that were made:
IN: *Lopez 54 billion lire, *Baronio 10, *Carini 15, *Materazzi 15, *Olive 8, *Cirillo 10, *Di Michele 15, *Thuram and *Buffon exchange, *Franca 38, *Baggio free (later joined Lazios competitive cricket team)

OUT: *Boksic 18 billion lire - to Marseille, *De la pena 17 – to Valencia, ****** 23 – to Inter, *Salas and *Almeyda exchange – Parma.

Spain beat Italy’s national squad in the quarterfinals of Euro 2000. Zoff resigned. Spain went trough and won the whole tournament by beating Yugoslavia in the final. Stankovic made his big breakthrough in the cup and was named de best midfielder of the tournament. Nesta were the best defender and the top-goal scorer; Raul was named the best attacker. Holland was a huge disappointment after losing big in the semi-final.

Late in august the Italian league started again. Lazio lined up like this:

Thuram Nesta Miha Pancaro
(Cirillo) (Couto) (Matterazzi)(Favalli)

Stankovic Simeone Nedved
(Conce) (Olive/Sensini) (Lopez)


Franca/Inzaghi Lopez
(Ravanelli) (Di Michele)

Cragnotti and Eriksson suddenly felt worried about the fact that it only was three/ four Italians in the starting line-up. Cragnotti contacted a lawfirm to get some help and got it by a new advocate called De Santis (the referee that disallowed Cannavoros goal against Juventus) who had lately started his new profession, to administer law and order. After some serious work he found out that Veron, Simeone, Stankovic Lopez and Nedved really were born in Italy and could start to play for the Italian national squad. The Italian federation was so happy of getting a good midfield (which they have been missing for 10 years or so) so they named the bald duo Balotta and Lomardo to their new playing-national coaches. An instant success was followed.

After a couple of league games Lazio is on top of the table. Parma is second with 5 points up to us. Juventus are facing bad morale in their squad after their bought of the greedy Paramatti. Pippo has started with his (penalty-area) theatre courses again. Milan is stuck with plenty expensive talented midfielder, throwing themselves to the ground everytime someone touches them. They learned from the best: Ambrosini.
Roma score a lot of goals but suffering heavy defeat with Capellos tactic of playing with one defender, (Walter Samuel) 6 attacking midfielder and three forwards.
After losing 1-5 at home to Bari, Marcelo Lippi admitted that he has lost his coaching ability. Probably lost it two years ago on his vacation on Mallorca. He has reported it stolen to the police but despite their hard work they have no traces of finding it. Seedorf thought he had found it but apparently it were Morattis wallet. Obviously empty nowadays.

I know this is a long topic but the future has a lot to tell
Forza Lazio
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