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Pray for Ruud

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Unfortunately Ruud van Nistelrooy has "not sucessfully completed" all of Man U's medical exams. PSV has sent their Dr. to assist with the exams. The Dr. from PSV said he knew this was going to happen and didn't seem to upset. hopefully the knee will heal and everything will go as planed. Though I still wish Arsenal got him instead of Man U.
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PSV Eindhoven are ready to call
a halt to the transfer of Ruud Van Nistelrooy to Manchester
United with club president Harry Van Raay widely quoted in the
English media as saying: "If United do not want him, we'll have
him back."
Early editions of Thursday's Daily Mirror quoted Van Raay as
saying: "If Manchester United make a problem of all this, I will
take him back to PSV immediately. The fans never wanted to lose
him, and neither did we.
"We knew for his own ambition we had to co-operate and that
we could not stop him from going to England."
The 18.5 million pounds ($28 million) transfer was halted on
Tuesday when Van Nistelrooy failed a medical on his injured knee
-- and the player flew back to the Netherlands on Wednesday
after failing another round of tests.
The deal could also be scuppered, reports the Mirror,
because insurance premiums could push the overall cost of the
transfer up to 21 million pounds ($33.15 million).
PSV's club doctor Cees Rien van den Hoogenband came to
England on Wednesday to see the tests, while the player himself
insisted: "My knees are fine. My knees have recovered. I am
certain the tests will prove it. I am just not match fit."
Rien van den Hoogenband, who operated on Van Nistelrooy's
knee recently, was quoted as saying he had known there would be
a problem because the transfer came too quickly after the
"I could have forecast the whole problem," he told the
London Evening Standard. "I could have told him he wouldn't have
passed a medical.
"A player who has just come out of plaster and out of a
brace cannot be passing a medical so soon, under any
"He is nowhere near fully fit yet but the injury is OK. It
has recovered."
The Dutch international was due to be presented to the media
by the English champions on Tuesday but the failed medical left
the deal in limbo.
The 23-year-old striker has not played for PSV for more than
a month because of an injury to the medial ligament in his right
Manchester United do not want to complete the transfer until
they are sure Van Nistelrooy will make a complete recovery.
A PSV spokesman said earlier on Wednesday that the club
fully expected the deal to go through, saying the extra tests
were a formality.
"The player's return is going exactly to schedule and he has
resumed training," the spokesman said.
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MU really was stupid....
Why testing something injured??
One can tell right away Ruud's knee wouldn't pass the tests.....
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