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Is Prandelli the new Parma-coach for sure??? I mean 100%? :eek:
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No. Nothing official has been reported. It's just an educated guess...
with all the rumours that been around parma i think that he will be the new coach.
Just a thought. If you guys get Prandelli next year, and Milan continue their interest in Canna- the last CD in the puzzle for next year might be Martin Laursen after all.

Prandelli used to coach him at Verona, and Laursen was really, really happy with him. After a good start- he hasn't been that assured in the Milan lineup, and with Maldini reportedly being a central defender next season- I don't think Laursen would have any qualms about returning to Parma id Canna goes rossoneri.

Another question is if you want him back though, as you would have a number of similar quality defenders. Might not be ideal not to have a "starting lineup".

Anyway- this rumour has been flying around on some of the less reliable Danish sites some time back, but I didn't really think about it, as I thought Canna would not be going to Milan. I suppose he might, so it's a scenario to consider.

"In questo periodo mi sento tranquillo e penso di aver dimostrato di meritare una grande squadra come il Milan. Spero di restare per ripagare la grande fiducia che i dirigenti hanno riposto in me".

"In this period I feel very calm and I think I have demostrated I deserve a big team like Milan. I hope to stay here in order to repay the great trust the directors have placed on me."

This is what Laursen has said when asked about his future three days ago. I have nothing against Laursen but the last thing we want is a player who will play with half heart and be dissapointed he left Milan. And I understand him. Didn't Parma threw him away and rejected him for "not being able to play in a defence of three" before he was even given a chance to prove himself? The guy has every right to be mad and Prandelli or not, I dont see him returning at Parma.
Oh- I agree with you AMO :).

However... Galliani may not, and I only consider this if, and only if, Prandelli takes over next season.

Seeing as we "gave" him away without even give him a chance and he immidiately impressed in Milan under Terim, I and many others was prettys pissed at Renzo.

But now with Ancelotti Laursen hasn't got so many chances and when he's played he hasn't impressed that much. And along with this my thoughts of seeing him in Parma again has changed. I'm probably to quick to judge him on a few bad matches, but I'm beginning to think that maybe it wasn't so bad to sell him afterall.

I still don't know if he's loaned or sold (does anyone?), and I think he probably want to stay in Milan. Maybe it's for the best. I think the sum we would get for him was pretty big too.

But if we play Ferrari-Bonera next season, we must get some back-up. Adani would fit very good but we need atleast one more. I would prefer someone who isn't afraid to dig in when the heat is rising. And even if Laursen doesn't look lie the toughest guy on the street (and that's an understatement) he doesn't give in. So a rotating scheme like Glen suggested would be a good idea. Especially since I don't know how many experienced and though defenders that would accept to come to Parma and sit on the bench, there are.
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Another thing I've thought about.

Has Bonera proved his abilities as a central defender in a 4-4-2??
In the U-21 and in Brescia he plays as the rightsided player in a 3 man defence and he's even played as a wing-back a couple of games at Brescia (and doing a great there too). I havn't seen him play much, but he isn't exactly a wall. He's more a technical defender. He's great in offense too, and all in all he seems to be a Thuram without the strength.
I don't know about his aerial abilities but I've checked and he's 1.82 m tall, which should mean that he's a decent header, but not much more. Sure, it's like a decimeter taller then Canna, but then again there are probably noone in the world of football that can jump higher than canna.

What are your thoughts??
You're right on Bonera. But he is fast and good tackler so he could contribute. We'll see.

I dont want someone who doesn't really want to play for Parma and hence I'm undecided regarding Laursen.
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