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from www.italian-soccer.com

In the past week Sergio Cragnotti, chairman of Lazio, assured that Swen Goran Eriksson will stay at Lazio in next season: despite that there are many voices around about the possible name of the coach.

And the most probable ones talk about a return on the bench of Arrigo Sacchi, former manager of AC Milan and Italy national team. In an interview to the television show 'Controcampo', Claudio Pasqualin, agent of many players (for example Del Piero) said "I think that Sacchi will work for Cragnotti in the next season! But probably not as coach, but in the director of the club. On the bench will seat a young manager, maybe Francesco Guidolin or Cesare Prandelli".

The most accredited one is Prandelli, who is taking great results with Verona, and has not a great feeling lately with the president of the club, Giambattista Pastorello. After the 2-2 draw Verona got at Venezia, Prandelli said about his future "Probably there will be some surprise!".

About Guidolin, it seems harder he could leave Bologna, since he has a contract till June 2001. Anyway he is linked from Fiorentina as well.

Ok,before people go all over me and I'm being accused of anti-lazio and Eriksson hater,I say one thing,check the site and then open your damn ****ing mouth to speak! (type anyway :))

The last paragraph goes to some people.Not everyone and apologise to the rest.

The sun will rise again...and it will be...GIALLOBLU!
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