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dixon - adams - f.de boer - silvinho
r. do boer - vieira - dacourt - overmars/gronkjaer?
salas - henry/bergkamp

why does wenger not look for defensive players? dixon is getting old, need a replacement for him....wat about fernando ricksen from AZ in holland...hope both de boer brothers come to arsenal...silvinho is good at left back, so he can stay there...if ronald comes, will he replace parlour? or will they rotate...dacourt as replacement for petit, who will definitely be leaving arsenal at the end of the season :( and new news :) salas is on the cheap, and wants a move to england...bust up with eriksson, around 10 million pounds i think...remember, he nearly went to west ham, before the world cup, but he had a broken toe...sucked in to west ham :)

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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