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Portuguese Press better get a grip!

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I just don't understand it. The Portuguese press has been rightfully praising our Select team, but what they've done recently really pissed me off.:mad:

To say that Portugal is playing an "old Romanian team" and should win is assinine!

First off you don't want to piss off the Romanians, who IMO are the second best side in the group. Secondly, great players like Hagi just love to make people eat their words. God we're beginning to sound like Souness.

Please let's all get a grip and respect our opponents, particularly Romania, who we couldn't beat in qualifying!

They are strong, even though they really didn't show it against Germany!

Let us not underestimate them!
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the Romanians scare the **** out of me. Remember they also beat England in the World Cup
As much as I respect romania and think they are a very good team i dont think they are as good as england at least on paper anyway and although i wouldnt take victory for granted after coming from 2-0 down against england i think we should be optimistic of victory.
Feet on the ground

Don't worry Coelho has the put the players in line and has kept their feet on the ground. We have a team with exeprience, especially in youth tournaments, so they know how the knockout system works.

Yes the Romanians are good, but in major competitions they tend to flop so I think we will beat them but it won't be easy.

I think we will need some Figo magic or Rui Costa brilliance to break them down but we should get at least a draw :)

GK Stelea has an injury worry so he may not play - I think he's crap (but Marcoa will tell you what he thinks I'm sure :) )

I don't see how you can say that Stelea stinks. The guy is pure class. I would take him on Porto any day of the week at any time. He makes a lot of key stops and is big as well. Much better than Hilarious Hilario.
The day we think we've already won the next game, with no respect for our opponents, we'll end up like England did...
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