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Portugal vs Brazil - results

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WOW what a game. I really enjoyed that. Lots of attacking, and except for the tail end when things started to get a bit dirty, there was lots of skill on display. We'd of've won it if not for Rui J's bad tackle.

If that's the kind of performance we can put in without Rui Costa and Nuno Gomes, then things look bright for the W.C.

I thought Portugal lightened up on the pressure quite a bit after their first goal, which was just what I wanted them to do. I thought they were smart to take advantage of the opportunity of playing Brazil to give their defense a workout. Looked dicey a few times, but they hung in there, and J. Costa looked sharper. Xavier was worrying me, he made three dangerous errors, the first one giving the ball away right in front of our goal, with Ricardo making a great save to avert disaster. Would've like to see them play Sousa, did anyone hear why they didn't? Figo was himself, putting in an excellent performance. He seems to raise the general quality of Portugal's play. We really rely on the guy. Conceicao also looked good out there, except for squandering that chance near the end when he was attacking with Figo open.

Let's hear the opinions out there? What did everybody else think of this game? Only embarrassing thing that happened tonight was that Finland lost 1-0 to the Republic of Macedonia! ;)
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Congratulations to Brazil and Portugal for the show in the field nothing like the Portugal vs Angola.
Indeed, Tinto! You're right on the money!

First, I want to congratulate our Brazilian cousins on a game well played. Major Kudos! We've learned alot about our team today.

Also, want to congratulate Jorge Costa on a fine, fine performance. I usually don't waste time ripping up an ex-porto player, but today the guy came ready to play. So Kudos, Jorge!

Second, if there's still a doubt who our goalie should be... well, then you need a bucket load of anti-depressants. The dude was on, saved our asses from some serious boneheaded moves by our poppa smurf.

Third, Joao Pinto was terrible and as was his substitute. So, I'll repeat Tinto's question: WHY IN HELL WASN'T PAULO SOUSE PUT IN INSTEAD OF VIANA?

Figo, Conceicao and Petit were on fire today.

BTW, the ref missed a penalty, maybe two, in our favor.

That is all.
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Ricardo will be our starting goal, only if gets injured between know and the world cup.
Hugo Viana needs to get playing time. Paulo Sousa could be isn't ready for the big time.
Paulo Sousa isn't ready for the big time? Geez, I was under the impression that due was one of our better experienced players. Didn't he celebrate his 50th call up today?

Now, had you said that PS has enough experience to be able to be put on the field at any time, thus these friendlies are better served to get Viana some experience, I'd see were you're coming from. Other wise, you're just otta yer rocker today!

BTW, welcome aboard!:)
Paulo Sousa will be in the roster, Hugo Viana is still fighting for a spot.
Hugo Viana hardly had a chance to warm up. I don't think the camera caught him with the ball, if it did then I missed it...oh wait, he did give away the ball with a blind pass in front of the Brazilian net.

Figo and Conceicao would be tied for men of the match. They were easily the best players on the pitch and Cafu and Roberto Carlos played a fine game for Brazil.
Frank Cunha said:
Paulo Sousa will be in the roster, Hugo Viana is still fighting for a spot.
They'll both be there ;)
I love the way Portugal always KO late in the evening. Could watch this game in the pub after going to our own game (Oyerlund). good game and got nice and dirty as well.
Conceicao recent form in the NT could be vital. Hes had a gard time at Inter but if he plays like that im happy.
Conceicao recent form in the NT could be vital. Hes had a gard time at Inter but if he plays like that im happy.
Yeah, I agree. The guy seems to really love playing when he's with the NT. Gomes is also like that. Pauleta, sadly is not. He didn't do much, and I thought he went down a bit too quickly once or twice, (shades of JVP). They've got to be careful of that at this W.C.

If they play like that in June, I'll be happy. The return of an in form Rui and Nuno should make quite a difference too. The only thing I'd like to see is for them to pace themselves a bit better. Conceicao looked like he was ready for a vacation at the end, and the team as a whole came out like gangbusters at the beginning, but seemed to be running out of gas near the end. Except for Figo, of course. Same thing happened in the second half against Spain.

good game and got nice and dirty as well.
Yes. Especially J. Costa's yellow near the end. I forget who the Brazilian player was, but Costa really cut him down nastily. I think it was a worthwhile yellow, cause it worked off some of the tension for our side, Costa's the best at that stuff.
Figo , Ricardo & Petit :D !! These 3 played superbly !!

Our Defense played very well & only will be better when Frechaut is back . Couto & Costa did well , with Fernando unlucky not to score early on !!. Rui Jorge... yeah it was a bad tackle But His eyes were only for the ball but best get it outta the system now!
Our NT will definately be better for the return of...Rui Costa... Nuno Gomes.. Frechaut...
Welcome to the forums Frank! :)

Question for you since you're from Newark. By any chance you don't happen to be the same Frank Cunha that made the Boys Club LISA jr champs say in 88. Cause if you are, then this will be a long waited reunion with one of your former players! :)

Back to the Brazil game. Portugal played well. Aside from Joao Pinto, Pauleta, Xavier and Viana (WHO I REPEAT IS NOT READY FOR THIS). Please bring in Leal or Dani for this spot.

JVP ate more grass yesterday than the cow I had back in Portugal. Pauleta was playing defensive midfielder all day. Where was he for those Figo crosses. It seemed only Conceicao was playing upfront.

Brazil showed up with their A team and played well. They're going to be a handful in the WC. Kudos to Ronaldinho Gaucho who's impressive.

Paulo Sousa should have played. And why is Figo and Conceicao playing 90 minutes in a friendly with the risk of getting hurt. Scolari at least took out Ronaldo and Rivaldo. Oliveira is going to be the end of me. I can't stand him!

Peace! :)
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A brazilian view

This was by far teh ebst game for us under Felipao. Can you guys imagine what Ronaldo will be like in 1 month time, with no muscular pains in his body?? Also he just needs to polish a little bit more in his finish and all those balls in the world cup will go in.

First half was almost perfect for us, just missed the goal.

There are 2 shaky places in the team however, Roque Jr and Marcos do not give me any security. As Sao Taffarel said, Polga was fulled by the dummy , but Roque Jr should have been better in the covering of that ball and then Conceicao just was clear to slot the ball in.

Emerson once again showed that his football only consists of one tool, and that is FOULING I wonder if in the World Cup the refs will be gentle with him. He for sure will miss some games.

Rivaldo was a little bit better than usual, however he needs to know that he has a RONALDO and a RONALDINHO GAUCHO alongside him, no need to shoot the ball from 50 meters!

Denilson was brilliant again, loads of fighting spirit, called that #2 of Portugal for a fight.... I bet Felipao loved that

The only thing that was missing was DJALMINHA. (i'll try not talk anymore about Romario! )

Overall the test was what we needed. The first half we dominated possesion and did look like we were the home team! Second half we were more defensive, and after we took the goal there were about 5 minutes of instability in the team. I hope in the world cup these players can control there nerves, after all most of them are very experienced.

Unfortunately Franca could have done much better, probably was missing Kaka who scored a beauty yesteday agaisnt Sao Paulo!

And once again Edilson showed that he is a man of the big occasion, comes in, does not touch the ball and is awarded a penalty.

Felipao changed well the team, he has many options to change the team and he can buiolt a team in any formation that he wants...... from his conservative 352 to a 433 with just one substitution. Not many teams in the world can say that.
Most times he will put Denilson in the pitch he might take off one defender and hold Roberto Carlos more.....as he got two typical DM's he can do that luxury. I just hope that he does not take Anderson Polga out, but Roque Jr. who is clearly the worst player of this team!

But my hopes of the World Cup increased tremendously, specially with the performances of Ronaldo, Ronaldinho Gaucho and Denilson!

Now let's wait and see on May 2nd if he will take Franca or Luizao! It will be a tough decision if he basis his verditc on Franca's performance yesterday!
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The first half we dominated possesion and did look like we were the home team!
Huh? Agreed with most of what you said, up to this statement. We had, I think, EVERY corner in the first half. It was my impression Portugal had way more possession of the ball, at least during the first half.

Ronaldo looked good, Ronaldinho looked better.
I got to watch (kind of) the first half...(Bigodes, where i watched had the most horrible big screen...i could see the brasilian yellow but could not see our men...it looked like the ball was being passed around by ghosts)..

what i saw was great...it certainly gave me a vote of confidence....our defense played pretty solid, even though Abel scared the crap out of me a couple of times.....Ze, i don't know which game you were watching in the first half, but Portugal controlled the first half, and Brasil was forced to counter, which were very dangerous with Ronaldo....second half i didn't get to watch as my wife (italian) suddenly needed my to pick her up from work...women???

Figo was figo...he has the ability to elevate the play of his teammates.....

Petit really played well as did sergio....and Ricardo??? what can i say??? great player...as i don't get to watch Primeira Liga i haven't had the pleasure of watching him....great to see....

I think with the return of rui, nuno and paulo sousa we are going to be in great shape this coming June....please Lord...no more injuries....

Bottom line....portugal played very well...if they play like this or better with rui and others, we will definately make waves at the WC....

Finally i'd like to congratulate my brasilian brothers for a wonderful game....you guys will certainly be a threat in the WC....ronaldinho gaucho was impressive...Ronaldo is getting better and should be awesome in june....it was very entertaining....unlike other games (italy-urg) Good luck to Brasil and hope to see you guys in the finals...

Forca Portugal
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Brazil had much mor possesion after 20 minutes.
Portugal oonly had 2 chances in the first half, while Brazil had about 6!
Ze da Fiel said:
Brazil had much mor possesion after 20 minutes.
Portugal oonly had 2 chances in the first half, while Brazil had about 6!
Ze you watched this game with typical brazillian glasses. Possession time in the first half was overwhelmingly Portuguese while Brazil had to rely on their counter game to create chances.

Also how you seem to forget the two non calls that went against Portugal in the first half. That shove in the area by Lucio on Pauleta was a clear penalty. And I'm still not sure about that handball.

This game could have easily been a 3-1 Portugal win had those calls been made.
Actually, Ze is half right. I think Brazil did spark a few more chances at goal, (from counter attacks), than we did, but they did not have possession for as long as Portugal.
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