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Porto vs S. Liege LIVE ON RTPi!!

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Porto's 1st friendly of the season will be live on RTPi on Tuesday nite!

They take on Standard Liege (Dimas's former club, and Folha had a spell there too).

The game kicks off at 7.00pm UK time but I dunno about you Americans but I guess u know what the difference is.

Standard Liege are unlikely to field a strong team as they played only on Saturday in their 1-1 draw at home to Perugia where they went thru 3-2 on aggeragate.

Maybe we can ask them about Alenitchev?? tehe

This will be our 1st opportunity to see PAVLIN, PAREDES AND OUR OTHER NEW FACES and young hopefuls in action as FS experiments before our Champions League qualifyers next month.
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