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Poor Belgium

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I actually feel sorry for them because I think they dont deserve such humiliation for the football that they play. They have played so much better and far more positive than France98 yet they lost 2 games. I thought Turkey were the worst team in the tournament but they got thru...funny game football....
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Overall, I think Turkey were the worst team of Group B, the worst team in the tournament being Yugoslavia, but that's another issue.

Belgium showed that that they can play attractive and attacking football, they've got 3 brilliant forwards in Strupar, Nillis(superb against Turkey), and Emile Mpenza, who just gets better and better.
And Vanderhaeghe, Goor, and last but definitely not least Verheyen and Van Kerckhoven have been able to spark so well in midfield every time.

The last two games showed that scoring is a problem, how I don't know with 3 superb strikers.
They missed a physically strong deep centre-striker. The longer I watched that match, the more I was surprised Bob Peeters wasn't selected. He's physically way stronger than Mpenza. And Strupar and Nilis aren't deep strikers....

But I really feel sorry for them. They played great football, fun to watch. They deserved at least a quarter-final.

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