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Poland Interested in Diego Klimowicz?

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As we informed you earlier Diego Klimowicz is among the 4 Argentinian players of the Ukrainian descend, who expressed their will to play for Ukraine. Recently, Klimowicz got in a habit of scoring doubles for his new club -- Wolfsburg.

Klimowicz made a sensational start of his Bundesliga career, scoring 10 goals since his arrival in Wolfsburg from Argentinian side AC Lanus in the December of the last year.

While Ukrainian coaches are contemplating whether to invite him or not, Polish Football Federation has been examining a possibility to grant Klimovicz, whose Ukrainian grandfather was born in Poland, a citizenship.

According to the German "Kicker" magazine Diego Klimowicz will get a chance to play for Poland at the this year's World Cup in South Korea and Japan.

Article from www.ukrainiansoccer.net
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These appear to be just unsubstantiated rumors, possibly started by the Ukrainians to quickly naturalize Klimowicz, ostensibly before he gets naturalized by the Poles. By the way, has anyone seen this legendary Kicker article, or the article just another rumor.
i have already seen a few articles on this and none of them have been polish so where is everyone coming up with this information, the guy aint even polish.
I think Smoga's assumption is right on spot :)

Klimowicz... He seems to be a very good player, but has nothing in common with us :)
from www.onefootball.com
Poland look to recruit Klimowicz

Friday 26th April 2002

The Polish Football Association is examining whether or not Wolfsburg's Argentinean striker Diego Klimowicz can be granted Polish citizenship, making him available for selection for Poland's World Cup squad.

Klimowicz holds an Argentinian passport but is of Ukrainian origin. However, despite bemoaning the lack of talent currently available to their national team, the Ukrainian Football Federation have not pursued the possibility of recruiting the centre-forward as one of their own.

Poland have now stepped in and will argue that Klimowicz is Polish due to the fact that his grandfather was born in Ukrainian territory occupied by the Poles between the World Wars.

If their bid is successful, he could be in contention for a place in Jerzy Engel's World Cup squad.

The 27-year-old joined Wolfsburg from Argentinean club Atletico Lanus in December 2001 and has scored ten goals since is arrival.

He started his career at Instituto Cordoba before joining Spanish side Real Vallecano, where he stayed for two seasons, scoring 14 goals.

He then moved to Real Valladolid, where he managed just a single goal in 21 games, but returned to form at Lanus, whom joined in 1999.

He hit 34 goals in his first two terms and netted eight times in the 2000-2001 season.


If its true, than its pretty lame that poland are now recruiting players rather than developing them. The polish FA should dedicate more time and money for youth development rather than spend their time looking for quick fix solutions.
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Looks like I was wrong

and the Klimowicz thing is for real, but not for WC but rather with an eye towards to future.


Both Listkiewicz and Engel admit in this article that they are interested in Klimowicz. What is stange, is that he's not so young anymore; I think he's 27 or 28, so, even if he does get naturalized, he'll only be good for the Euros in 2004, and will probably be over the hill for the WC in 2006. I admit, I am really baffled over this whole thing!:confused: :eek: :rolleyes:
you think 31 is over the hill? geez...:rollani:
its embarrasing that engel and listkiewicz even discussed the possibility.
Embarresing for our league. If we can't produce strickers, you have to look elsewhere.
No, we don't have to...

Klimowicz has nothing in common with Poland. Grandmother from Ukraine... :rolleyes: He can't speak Polish, he doesn't feel like Polish... Olisadebe has a Polish wife, Olisadebe lived there for a few years and Polonia made him a good player... But Klimowicz?! Is it our National Team or a club looking for mercenaries?...

Anyway, it's all over now. Klimowicz said he wanted to play for Ukraine.
from onefootball.com

Monday 29th April 2002

Wolfsburg striker Diego Klimowicz has admitted defeat in his bid to be selected by Argentina for the World Cup, fuelling speculation that he will commit his future to Poland.

"I'm Argentinian with the whole of my heart, but there are four or five candidates who have the edge over me," he said, citing Gabriel Batistuta, Javier Saviola, Hernan Crespo and Claudio Lopez.

The powerful forward is eligible to play for a host of nations. He is the grandchild of Italian and Polish (what is now Ukraine) emigrants and therefore qualifies for all three nations.

Klimowicz has also played in Spain for two years, with Rayo Vallecano and Real Valladolid, and is therefore eligible to apply for a Spanish passport.

With the Ukraine seemingly uninterested, Klimowicz could pledge his allegiance to Poland, whose coach Jerzy Engel has problems with injuries ahead of the World Cup.

The nation have proved more than willing in the past to assimilate players who are not of Polish origin.

Nigerian-born Emmanuel Olisadebe acquired Polish citizenship last year and looks set to play a crucial role in Japan and Korea this summer. Partnering him with Klimowicz is a mouth-watering prospect for Polish fans

Klimowicz, who has had praise lavished on him by Germany boss Rudi Voller, is keeping his intentions guarded. "It's too bad I don't have a German grandpa," jokedthe forward, who has scored ten goals since his arrival at Wolfsburg in December from Atletico Lanus.
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I read somethnig like this in "Gazeta Wyborcza". He said that he was honoured by the interest shown in him by Ukrainians.

But yes, last article says that the only country that Klimowicz has in his heart is Argentina.

What is even more interesting, the same article claims that Ukraine's coach, Burjak, said that they had enough good strikers and Klimowicz was not needed. He seems to be a reasonable person... Listkiewicz and Boniek should understand that the idea was sick!
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