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Pravo Boskov, Bravo Plavi...
This team has managed to to the impossible !
They should be awarded with the gold medal for stupidity....
They have made history ladies and gentlemen..
Never has Yugoslavia been crushed by such a weak team in it's 80 year history....

Yug-Slovenia 1-1
Yug-Norway 1-3
Yug-Spain 0-4

The croats should have gone to Euro instead..
Mars u picku materinu budale jedne....
jebem ti fudbal....
HONG jebeni KONG nas najebo !

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Smiri se!!! KOJI TI JE KURAC!!!
Ti govoris da je bolje da su one ustase otisle na EURO 2000, pa onda se sramoti!!!
Koliko se nas tim trudio da dodje sad gde jeste, a tebi bolje da su dosli hrvati.

The tournament hasn't even started and you f*uck heads are all ready saying **** about our very much loved and professional team.

What ever happened against Hong Kong is history, they have to think about the real thing. It looks like i am the only person in this forum or even ion the WORLD that thinks the YUGO's can do it. Well, that just shows how much you guys belive in our country.

I STILL BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yugoslavia - Slovenia 2-0
Yugoslavia - Norway 2-0
Yugoslavia - Spain 2-1


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No, you are not the only one. I'm still here, and I beleive we can do it! :) :)

YUGO 2-0 Slovenia
YUGO 2-1 Norway
YUGO 3-1 Spain

YUGO 2-0 France

YUGO 1-0 Italy

YUGO 2-1 Romania

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borik, popusis mi kurcinu bre pizda mi materina smrdljiva. nisam hteo da se spustim na tvoj nivo ali protiv stoke kao sto si ti ne moze drugacije. govoris kao pravi ciganin bre picka li ti materina govnarska. ako ne verujes u nas tim goni se u tri picke materine i navijaj za ustase i balija. ko zna mozda si ti jedan od njih?
ja te volim, ja te volim, ja te volim srbijoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!
p.s. borik menjaj forum molim te!!!!

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After those results, all i think is that ummmm....

Well Boskov played ****e on purpose to sorta relax the opposition and the *BOOM* we are back to our kick ass best


Forza Plavi !!


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Ja nerazumem zasto svi mislite da su slovenci tako laki protivnici....
I just hope that the players don't have the same attitude you people do.

Jug - Slo 1-1
Jug - Nor 0-0
Jug - Spain 2-1 (ponavlja s istoria kao 90e)

Narode prestanite da svirate kurca ovde.....
Posle takve MUKE u kvalifikacijama sada su nasli da se zajebavaju...bas pred prvenstva !

It's now or never.....

Red Star Belgrade 2000

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klosarcino ne zelim da ulazim u neke velike polemike s tobom samo bih ti rekao da tebi mesto nije na ovom forumu.
none of us ahve said that slovenians are an easy team to beat but being realistic everybody thinks that we'll beat them and play equaly with norway and spain.
in qualifications we had to make a great effort but who didn't. the result are a bit discouring but that's not the reason to spit on our players. borik, you would be the firts ,in case that we win the championship, to praise our players and manager. think twice before you post something and REMEMBER one thing: WE ARE ALL SERBS HERE AND OUR AIM IS TO SUPPORT THE NATIONAL TEAM TILL THE END REGARDLESS OF THE RESULTS. THAT'S WHAT WE CALL LOYALTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
s verom u boga to titule prvaka evrope i visemilonksom slavlju na trgu republike i celoj srbiji i jugoslaviji kao i u celom jebanom svetu.

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Hahahaha, coming from an ustasa, as some of you so eloquently put it, I don't think you should be too worried about the Asia tour. It was only a warm up for EURO, and the players know this. They use it as a chance to practice different things, different formations and such.

Keep in mind, a lot of teams play down to the level of the opposition, it's a common thing.

YOu don't even have to worry about Spain, because you don't have to beat them, two teams go through. The crucial match is Norway, they CAN be spoilers. Slovenia is not a complete pushover, but they can tie, and you know ties can be killers.

I'm sure you'll go through to the second round, and I'd wish you luck, but... well... you know how it is.

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Well said ustasha!!!!!!
I can't belive u guys.....fighting like that....gee....ustasha has to come up here on our forum and tell us not worry about the euro!!! Coz everyone knows that we r a good team, we can beat anyone, and don't worry about Slovenija, Norway or Spain....those countries should be scared of us!!!
Like ustasha said we will go through the second round!!!...and he even said good luck!!!

:) :) :)

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Thanks IVO, maybe the guys will relise nesto soon...

A i tipicni smo Srbi, mrzimo jedno drugo, pa kako nas nebi mrzio cjeli ostali svjet? :(

<A HREF="http://www.crvenazvezda.is-here.net/

" TARGET=_blank>http://www.crvenazvezda.is-here.net/

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