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please read

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go to //soccer-stars.org/
and vote fo your favorite league,team,players,coaches etc.
go to best 3 and then you vote,make sure you vote for the italian league!!!!

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you are gonna like it!!!!!
well nasty stick i voted for the italian league but really nothing happend???
it work trust me!!!
if not try again
tell your frinds about it too
The site you said is so good, well I thinks it's total SH|T!!! The polls are so crappy. I sent the webmaster a deaththrat for creating such biased crap! Hate it! and I've lost a lot of respect for you nasty nick :(
its not my site!!!!!!!
all i want i you to vote for the italian league cause i think it's the best in the world!!!!!!!
don't blame me if you don't like
but you get angry cause you think spanish football is better.
then i got an advice for you
go home to and get some sleep
and when you know more about italian soccer come back....
I agree with you labas, the site was freakn ****e!! It was hard to navigate slow I voted for Davids then I didnt bother anymore.. lame**** site
It's not that! you have the polls arranged in such a matter it's obvious from the start what the point of the guy who made it is! Let's atke the best league:
first poll: England and then toatl **** leagues like Indonesia, Croatia and so on...
second poll: Italy, Spain, France, Germany and so on...
It's obvious the guy wanted the crap Premiership to win, so he put it together like this!

And the examples go on in every category..strikers... Ronaldo all alone with sh|tholes and then Raul, batistuta, Amoroso and Mori in the next poll!

The place is such **** I actaully threatened to hack the site! I hate idiots like that, and I keep saying: I'm dissapointed you posted such a link NN! Not to metion your apthetic taste in league action! Look who's ruling the Cl, and you'll know what league is DE BEST :)
i totally agree with you,i also know that the guy who made the site seems to like epl cause he put it on the top of the poll so everyone would vote for that.
it was 2 polls for leagues and the stupid thing is that serie a and epl always are on diffrent ones.
iwanted to make it clear to this guy that epl is not better than serie a.
and i hoped that people would vote for it when i told them.
and yes,spanish league is better than epl!!!!!!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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