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hey ppl,

i couldnt help but notice that a lot of ppl were posting in the rumors thread that soccerage.com was a reliable source....


this is what they posted on jan 25th !


Beckham & Ronaldo Swop Deal On The Cards?

News Archive

Ronaldo for Man United? (Allsport)
01/24/2002. The English media are reporting that Inter Milan are so desperate to get David Beckham to sign for them, that they are prepared to offer him double the wages that he is thought to want AND offer Manchester Ronaldo as part of the deal!

The Daily Mail claim that the Milanese side have made an official inquiry about the England skipper and are prepared to offer him a wage of £200,000 a week.

In return, United would also get Brazilian striker Ronaldo who has been struggling with knee injuries since the 1998 World Cup.


have you heard a more rediculus rumor anywhere !?

i dont have to tell you how crap beckham is compared to ... well any professional, but to compare him to the great ronaldo is just sickening !

and they imply that inter would 'throw ronnie in' as a deal sweetener !!

oh my god ! this crap reporting gets me so mad !!

some jornos should be shot for such blasphemy ! bastard ! go get a real job ! , u dont know football for sh*t go **** yourself u bastrad dole bludging screwup reporter who cant get a real degree so they write pure utter crap ! f*ck off !

Fark beckam , fark man united !
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