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Please Help Me

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I want to find a picture on the tackle from Duscher on Beckham.
Where can I find that? please help me
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Try www.football365.com but I cannot promise anything...:)

PS: This is not an advertisment...:)
If you want to judge the tackle watching the picture, I'm not so sure it'll help much...:D

But I'm afraid the English journalists were too surprised and took more pictures of Beckham falling...
hahahaha....english media and all other soccerfans in england and fans of beckham are really pathetic, i mean...1 player gets injured and it a catastrophe, in sweden we would say; darn...but hey, now we can tryout other players.
"In Sweden", you wouldnt know what it feels like to lose, or indeed even have a player of Beckham's quality. See you at the WC.
so ur saying that the England national team isn't worth sh*t without Beckham? And as for the WC, im not worried a bit, atleast not against England, cause...in the last years Sweden hasn't taken much damage from England. Henrik Larsson, when he got injured some time back, we worked it out just fine, sure he aint the SUPERMEGADUPER player like everyone is putting up Beckham to be, but he sure as hell is important to the team. What if Sven-Göran Eriksson got "injured", what would you do then? So please don't BS Sweden.
That's true, Sweden don't have a player of Beckham's quality right now, I hope Ljungberg is moving in that direction;). But hey! the 'missing WC' talk was created just after the Depor match. Now things have cleared a little and I'm happy that Sven Göran Eriksson has promised to take Beckham in the squad even if he isn't fit for the starting match against Sweden of June 2 to play on later matches;).
well...with or wothout Beckham, England sure will have themselves a though match against Sweden...
What i am saying is there isnt a team on the planet who wouldnt miss a player of Beckham's quality, and, in many of our later qualifiers, especially against Greece, we have been a one man team. We're not the best team in the World Cup, so naturally we are going to miss him even more, if he does indeed miss any games of the World Cup.

I'm not arguing, or "BSing" Sweden, i am mearly stating facts, Sweden doesnt have a player of Beckham's quality. And whilst we're talking about "BS", what exactly do you call "all soccer fans in England are really pathetic"?
because they see Beckham as a good and not a soccerplayer, when and if he gets injured it's if someone would burn down a church or similar
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