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As a few of you may already know, Brighton have been homeless for the last 7 years and have had to play in professional football at a converted athletics stadium. We have been trying to obtain planning permission to build a new stadium on the outskirts of Brighton and are nearing the final hurdle.
The Secretery of State, John Prescott now has the final say on whether the stadium will be given the go ahead. Without the new stadium, the fact is simple, Brighton &HA will cease to exist. We currently lease our current ground from the local council and have around 3 years until we have to vacate the stadium. After the 3 years, we will be homeless again.

Therefore, please be kind enough to show your support as fellow football supporters by signing our petition at the following website.........

(you can copy & paste it onto your address bar)

Alternatively, you can find out other ways to help by logging onto

Thank you all for your kind support
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