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Playoff game - Nonsense !!!!

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I don´t understand why if we tie with Juventus there should be a playoff game ?!?

In CL and other European competitions you look at internal meetings and since we´ve won and drew against Juve the title should be ours if we end up on the same amount of points.

I also think that you could look at who has won more games.

It´s just stupid to have a playoff game on a neutral field at an acward date !!

Ok so now many of you who read this will say - of course he would say these things because Lazio is in the position where we are one up on Juventus in internal games but hear me out.

Always at the end of the season there is the Champions Leauge final or the UEFA final, every 2nd year there is a EC or a WC close after the end of Serie A and there is the italian cup final.

Today Lazio is in such a position that we would win if we used the internal system but say next season maybe the battle for nr 1 and 2 is between Roma and Inter and the year after that maybe Milan and Parma. If internal meets end up 1 - 1 ( one win each ) then you look at what team has the most wins and if it´s still not decided then you go with the playoff.

It should be something that the italian board decides because it´s not a controversial decision and it shouldn´t be used this season ofcourse ( we can´t change rules while the game is on ). But for next season use a smarter system.
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LaZiO AlWaYs SeeM DeTeRmInEd To BeAt JuVe, cuZ ThErE BlAcK n WhItE sTrIpS pROvOkE;Em

ZiOn, you f****** romanista di f******** merda!

LAZIO don't need any playoff, because juve will lose in their last 2 games, and LAZIO will win their last two
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