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I don't understand why Lazio want to buy alot of players this season, i'm afraid the situation will be the same as with intermilan they have a lot of great players but they failed to get the title, it's so tragic. I think too many stars in the team can be risen more problem between them.
'Cause each of them think that they're the best and they have the most important role. Lazio has great midfielders such veron, conceciao who had great appearrance in euro 2000, almeyda and many more. I heard the gossip about selling almeyda to inter, it's so crazy, right ? One problem for almeyda is just because of his temperamental. Why lazio should collect so many strikers ?
Salas will sell ? I think the biggest mistake from craggnoti is sold vieri to inter, vieri and salas were great. they're dangerous for others defenders.
I think lazio should pay the attention at the back side 'cause they don't have dicipline players at the back. They should buy Cannavaro, so at the centre there is cannavaro and nesta. At right Eriksson should put panucci. At left, i don't have any idea yet.
In front it's good to position salas and lopez.
O, ya the most important player that lazio has to buy is a goal keeper. Toldo is the best for that.
The captain, don't get change, nesta is good captain he has good responsibility.
One thing that i really dissapointed about is racialism issue, it's so stupid,as the person from asia i feel sorry about that 'cause i think european have open minds for difference between the nations. It's so bad and maybe we don't realize it hurts a lot of persons. They don't want to be black,brown or anything else. But they can not
chose it just like us. We don'tknow what we will be before
we were born. I hope this issue will gone forever in lazio.
Bravo lazio !!!!

niks - Indonesia
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