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The forum is inactive but we should change this:)

Write your opinion on who are the 2 players from each selection that played better or did something remarkable in the first two days of the South American marathon to Germany 2006.

(in Greece no channel give us the matches,so i saw only both "la roja"s games plus a few of the others.

Hernan Crespo-Who scored a goal despite being in the eye of the cyclone by biancoceleste's fans.Veron could also been is his place.
Andres D'Alessanro-Not that he was the greatest but he's surely the youngest one,and a midfielder with a bright future.
La Paz-It's not a player.It's better than a player.:D
Joacquin Botero-His 47 goals last year were not lucky.He's tall,strong,with not bad technique but he will possibly stay to latin America for his whole career cause he's....Bolivian!:(
Succeed hat-trick in his country's last game against Colombia.
From the only one (of 2) matches i saw by Celesao,i liked most:
Rivaldo:Example of a player that doesn't play in his team but isn't crap with his selection.
Kaka:The man who took Rivaldo's place in Milan.I realised it once more!
Milovan Mirosevic-Came as a sub in Buenos Aires,scored and gave Chile hopes to take draw,and they did it!!A good creator in the Peru match.
Rogrigo Perez-He covered all the left side of la roja.Good both defensive and attacking.
Juan Pablo Angel-The man is in great form lately.Scored against Brazil as he's keeping scoring in the Premier League(his goal yesterday was a dream:))
You may find a 2nd good Colombian in these games cause i can't as their best players are based in defense,and their defense got destroyed.
Carlos Alberto Gamarra Pavon-Old dixie is still here!!!!
Jose Saturnino Cardoso-An other hat-trick in 2006 Quals....
Andres Mendoza-Really fast,and with big flair was the only man who put Chile in danger in Santiago's derby.
Claudio Pizarro-He didn't scored in these 2 matches but he did everything else in Lima's game against Paraguay.Opening halls,assisting etc

I leave Ecuador,Uruguay and Venezuela for you cause despite i like them too,i wasn't able to watch their whole matches:(:(

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Agree that Gamarra was superb.
Disagree on Pizarro however, he wasn't impressive at the Santiago game. I´d put Solano or Rebosio rather.
For Chile, I agree, Milosevic is one brilliant player and has done great in both games.
And Brazil, actually Ronaldinho has been my favourite, I really liked what he did against Ecuador, he scored the goal also didn´t he?
In Uruguay no doubt Recoba takes one spot after the Bolivia trashing. And then Chevantón because of all the goals, there's also another striker that scored against Bolivia, but I can't remember his name. Bueno maybe? He was very impressive.

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This is my starting 11 for the first two days of the WCQs.

Nelson Tapia - Chile
Was excellent in both games that the Roja played. Kept them in the game in BAs.

Carlos Gamarra - Paraguay
As usual very good, but his teamates in defense left a lot to be desired. Uruguay could have scored 4 goals on them, just like Peru did.

Geovanny Espinoza - Ecuador
The best of an Ecuadorian defense that almost shut down Brasil. He scored against Venezuela.

Rodrigo Perez - Chile
Very good defensively and always suportinggoing forward.


Nolberto Solano - Peru
Excellent on the right flank, as good as I have ever seen him play for the Peru NT.

Roberto Carlos - Brasil
Excellent in the Colombia game and had a solid performance against Ecuador.

Gilberto Silva - Brasil
As dominant as I have ever seen him, especially in Colombia.

Pablo Aimar - Argentina
Showed why he is IMO the best offensive midfielder in South America.

Kaka - Brasil
Simply brilliant, it adds a whole other dimension to Brasil.

Javier Chevaton - Uruguay
Great games and extremely dangerous. Under Carrasco seems to be thriving.

Andres Mendoza - Peru
Extremely impressive and almost unstopable.

Notable mention:
Jose Cardozo, Joaquin Botero, Cesar Delgado, Carlos Bueno and Juan Pablo Angel were all very impresive as well.

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I would really like to participate in this thread, but I only saw the Uruguayin games.

Van got the Urugayin players right on, the best where Chevagol & Chino.

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Sebastian50 said:
I would really like to participate in this thread, but I only saw the Uruguayin games.

Van got the Urugayin players right on, the best where Chevagol & Chino.
Same here, except with Brazil of course. :(

For Brazil, Ze Roberto, Kaka and Ronaldo performed well. Roque Jr. was also above average. :eek: :D

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